What To Watch: 01/30/2022

As Sundays go, it’s quite quiet for new shows or seasons save for one “memorial” docu-series by a visionary comic about one of his heroes who turned out to be also a monster. Many Sunday line-ups have new episodes, however.

We Need To Talk About Cosby [Showtime, 10p]
Comedian W. Kamau Bell explores a touchy subject from the perspective of a fan struggling with the dichotomy of being disgusted by a legendary comic’s felonious actions but still reverent of their groundbreaking career and humor–as well as the importance Cosby had in paving the way for other African-American performers.

Euphoria [HBO, 9p]
It’s Maddy’s birthday. Given that she’s a psychopath who knows what terror she will try to unleash. Meanwhile Jules and Elliot grow closer. How will Rue take it? This freaky show continues to push boundaries, but it also tells really compelling stories. It may just change TV.

Somebody, Somewhere [HBO, 10:30p]
Last week Sam struggled to find a path forward while Joel did his best to convince Sam that she deserves happiness. This week Sam and Joel are stalking Rick to try to find some answers to why he was at choir practice and why he had a big roll of money in his pocket!


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