What To Watch: 01/28/2022

It’s the busiest Streaming Friday of 2022 so far, with multiple debuting titles with big name actors that straddle the line between what makes a comedy or a drama or a thriller. Oh, and the newest installments of two major animated franchises. And so, so many of our images have had characters drinking wine… really, it’s becoming a thing. We guess two years of a pandemic will do that to a people (or a peak TV).

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window [Netflix]
Kristen Bell is thrust into a Rear Window situation when she thinks she witnesses a murder across the street in this funny thriller-miniseries streaming today on Netflix.

The Afterparty [Apple TV+]
At an after party for a high school reunion, a celebrity is found dead on the cliffside. Each episode follows one person who was at the party and retells the night through their eyes. This seems like a fun comedy, but I am most compelled by the idea of visuals and even genre changing with each character perspective. 

Home Team [Netflix]
Recently retired New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton’s season-long suspension for trying to maim players on the opposing team seems an odd premise to build a wacky Bad News Bears-style comedy around, but here we are and here Kevin James is. I have a little extra disdain for the topic given the mastermind of Bountygate, Payton’s defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, was the worst HC for one of my favorite team, the Buffalo Bills. That said, it’s such a weird idea that I’m curious. I may be losing my edge (if I ever even had any), but this might be fun.

Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild [Disney+]
Snowed in with the kids this weekend? My I suggest showing them the latest in the Ice Age franchise? Buck with the help of possums Crash and Eddy must save the lost world from one bitter dinosaur with a big brain and raptor helpers. Real life can be unfun, so stay warm and pass the popcorn.


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