What To Watch: 01/27/2022

School shootings are a thing that should not be, but they are frequent enough that they have filtered into the arts and made for some chilling movies, and the newest one comes with a lot of buzz. Our other recommendations for tonight come from the world’s of food and fashion.

The Fallout [HBO Max]
It’s unfortunate that there are enough school shootings for it to be a genre of film, but here we are. This debut by Megan Park takes the angle of the aftermath on one student who survives by huddling in the bathroom with two classmates she barely knew, but with whom she became close friends. 

Take Out with Lisa Ling [HBO Max]
This six-part docuseries examines the unique lives of the families behind America’s Asian food establishments, highlighting “the trials and triumphs of a community as told through the lens of a restaurant.”

Project Runway [Bravo, 9p]
The race to New York Fashion Week is heating up as we are down to the top four designers. Who will make it through to the final? This is usually the most heartbreaking week as the designers must create something that convinces the judges of why they deserve to create a collection. 

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