What To Watch: 01/26/2022

Alan Tudyk, and all his alien awkwardness, returns for a second season of one of Screen Scholars’ favorite new shows of 2021. Also, Ron Swanson tells us about American curlers and two misfits open the gates of hell.

Resident Alien [Syfy, 9p]
This quirky alien-out-of-water show surprised a lot of people by becoming a cult hit. Alan Tudyk is always delightful and don’t take your eyes off Alice Wetterlund. The second season starts today and a lot more people know Harry’s secret. And will Harry’s alien brethren come to find him? Will the earth survive? Probably, but you never know.

American Rock Stars [Peacock]
This Nick Offerman-narrated series follows Team Shuster from USA Men’s Olympic Curling as they prepare for the Winter Olympics. I didn’t even know that the US took the gold home four years ago, and am thrilled at the minutiae I’ll learn about curling, ruining it for everyone at Brookyn’s bars by the week’s end. 

Astrid & Lilly Save the World [Syfy, 10p]
If this quirky show pitting high school misfits against demons from an alternate universe sounds a bit like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, don’t worry, they realize it too as one of the characters even refers to himself as “Giles” in the trailer. Either way, Buffy was fun and this show looks like it has promise to capture a similar spirit in time, even if the opening episode seems as awkward as its heroes.


  • Juliana Marguiles hosts an hourlong remembrance that spans audiences. The Hate We Can’t Forget: A Holocaust Memorial Special debuts tonight on Smithsonian before airing again on MTV. Someone might want to get a copy to a certain Kennedy family member as he seems to have somehow forgot.

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