What To Watch: 01/24/2022

Tonight, we’ve got hard-hitting reporting about outsider communities from the famously edgy news source, a comedian shoots a special as he goes back to his roots, a soccer star gets the mini-series treatment, and one of the best new shows on television from one of its brightest young writing and acting stars.

In My Own World [Vice]
Vice explores “unlikely communities thriving at the fringes of society” in eight hour-long episodes. The press release doesn’t elaborate on what those communities may be, but the network promises licensed therapists, which is a start, I guess.

Aziz Ansari: Nightclub Comedian [Netflix]
Aziz Ansari haas rough few years. Controversy and covid have made it a necessity to play smaller venues. In his most recent special, he does a quick 30 minute set at NYC’s Comedy Cellar. The topics include vaccines and COVID of course, but the true heart this special is humility. He’s glad to be back and we are glad to see him.

Neymar: The Perfect Chaos [Netflix]
I first got the breadth of the cult of Neymar–Brazil’s young football superstar–when the office where I worked had put on the Germany-Brazil 2014 World Cup match and even though he was injured and not playing, there were so many Neymar masks. Of course, he was injured and Brazil lost in an epic blowout (7-1 is about the equivalent of, say, 84-3 in American football), but the legend of Neymar for both his national team and Barcelona has only grown since to the point where he has a six episode docu-series starting tonight.

Abbott Elementary [ABC, 9p]
My favorite teachers are back for another week! Tonight Janine is excited to get a student transfer from Melissa’s classroom only to find out that it might be too hard for her to handle.


  • Not a whole lot more as we’re leading with a Netflix animated series for very yung’uns, but Ada Twist, Scientist both rhymes and is a wholesome show with the bonus of encouraging kids in the STEM sector, so… bonus!
  • We certainly weren’t going to show an image from the E! plastic surgery disasters show Botched which returns for an 8th season tonight.

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