What To Watch: 01/21/2022

Doozers are back… well, presumably they are still around in the latest reboot of the Henson creations. Also back is the show whose popularity was apparent in how many clickbait articles were taunting its fans by saying it would not be back for a fourth season. The Jason Bateman/Laura Linney show about an unassuming crime family was always renewed, and it starts back tonight. There’s also misfits, drag queens and a whole lot else on a crowded Friday night.

Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock [Apple TV+]
Fraggle Rock is back (again, following the success of Fraggle Rock: Rock On!) with thirteen new episodes. No complaints, only praise, from this Scholar.

Ozark [Netflix]
You all know Ruth is the best character in Ozark. Fight me. What will she and the Byrde family get into this season? Or, more importantly, how do they get out? The age of the antihero may be waining, but no one told Marty or the show runners. Season four will be both a call back to peak TV and a glimpse at its possible future.

As We See It [Amazon Prime]
A comedy about three adults on the spectrum who come together as roommates having lived at home all their life could be a dangerous venture. However, based on the trailer, it does look like there’s some smart writing and character development going on, and the laughs are earned and not fun making. It’s based on the Israeli show On The Spectrum (available on HBO Max). 

RuPaul’s Drag Race [VH1, 8p]
After back to back weeks of premiere episodes the queens are finally all together in the workroom. Can’t wait to see how the whole group dynamic settles and what challenges Ru has in stall for this week.


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