What To Watch: 01/18/2022

A classic ’00s/’10s sitcom tries a second time to change matriarch to patriarch–we’ll see if two’s a charm. This Tuesday is all about sitcoms as the three promising new ones all release new episodes.

How I Met Your Father [Hulu]
This standalone sequel to How I Met Your Mother stars Hillary Duff (and Kim Cattrall, in 2045) as a lovelorn narrator in present day (and COVID-free) New York City. Created by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger but executive produced by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, the series appears to have much of the charm of the original, and I hope, no dead fathers. (Clearly Duff needs to get with her best friend, played by Chris Lowell, come on!) In light of How I Met Your Dad‘s notorious bomb in 2013, it’s probably for the best that we have new creators this time around.

Abbott Elementary [ABC, 9p]
Last week Janine turned to Ava for help with TikTok to make a viral video and get her wish list filled. Barbara was skeptical of using new technology while Melissa didn’t bother making a wish list since she has a guy for everything. This week a new computer program is being introduced to Abbott, can’t wait to see what chaos ensues. 

Grand Crew [NBC, 8:30p]
The A-story of this latest group-of-six-friends comedy has a third of said friends crossing paths with a rapper while the subplots are standard sitcom tropes. While the situations part might be unoriginal on this program, it’s the unique characters and perfect casting (will watch any show with Nicole Byer or Carl Tart) that makes me hope against hope this show gets a chance to find its voice.


  • Another sitcom which will hopefully get a chance to succeed is American Auto and given it’s from the creator of Superstore, the Ana Gasteyer-led office comedy should get its shot.

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