What To Watch: 01/12/2022

Tonight brings us superheroes and cheerleaders and gangsters and celebrity’s children and cardboard yodelers who ideally do not fall off the edge of a cliff.

Cheer [Netflix]
Navarro Cheer is back for season two as they explore the fallout from season one, newfound fame, and the pressure to hold onto their championship title. This season we’ll also dive deeper into the cheer world as we get to know their fiercest cheer rival, Trinity Valley Community College. 

Batwoman [The CW, 9p]
Mary had become the new Poison Ivy and has teamed up with Alice, but now Batwoman and her team will do anything to get her back on the side of good. It’s not going to be an easy fight. Warner Bros is looking to sell the CW, but these DC shows deserve to carry on.

Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules [E!, 9p]
eIn this new E! reality series, eight offspring of famous people father together to rehabilitate a Colorado ranch. Two episodes premiere tonight. Feast in the glory and the drama of Pat Benatar’s daughter, Billy Gunn’s son, David Hasselhoff’s daughter (who is, herself a luxury real estate agent), Martin Lawrence’s daughter, Shaq’s son, Ray Parker Jr.’s son, Billy Bob Thornton’s son, and Eazy-E’s daughter (the same one from My Super Sweet 16).


  • Please could you stop the noise, we’re trying to get some rest? DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns for the second half of its seventh season on The CW as Sara is worried about the team’s handling of the timeline on an episode titled “Paranoid Android.” God loves his children.
  • Based on the true story of Polish gangster Nikodem “Nikoś” Skotarczak (as seen through his lover’s eyes), How I Fell in Love with a Gangster–also from Poland–debuts today on Netflix.
  • Drew Carey waits for the midnight hour to ask passionate Americans what they think is the actual retail price of Downy fabric softener or Ritz crackers on the latest edition of The Price is Right at Night on CBS. Maybe don’t watch this with your Trumpy uncle.
  • So many rumors and secrets surrounding the latest episode of The Book of Boba Fett so avoid them if you can and maybe you’ll get a genuine surprise from the Disney+ show.
  • While Lifetime is stretching it with their YouTube copy in order to fit Leave It to Geege into its format by saying its titular character’s life “could be a Lifetime movie,” the reality show about a twice-divorced woman who is also an autism activist looks kind-hearted, and you know what, we’re not going to make fun of it in a 2022 landscape where that sort of kindness is exactly what’s needed.

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