What To Watch: 01/10/2022

It’s a very quiet Monday for new content with a bunch of spinoffs of that 90 Day Fiance show and a sad return of an actor’s look into the world of addiction–the world that would ultimately take his life shortly after the season’s taping. We also promote an old show coming to streaming, which is somewhat against our own rules, but we’ll do it this once for the legend who died in December and in a perfect world would be celebrating her 100th birthday one week from now as planned. That show contained three out of four of the Golden Girls quartet, along with Cheech Marin and a young Don Cheadle(?!).

Black Market with Michael K. Williams [Vice, 10p]
Williams swept to fame as Omar, The Wire‘s vicious, eccentric, morally-coded drug lord and force of mofo’ing nature. He himself suffered from drug addiction for much of his life, leading to his helming this project–its second and final season opens today–where he exposed the darker world of underground crime in hopes to humanize and better understand it, as opposed to looking at it as a war. From all public and private accounts I’ve heard of the man, they paint a picture of a kind soul with an enormous heart. Sadly, he was found dead of an overdose late last year at just 53, making this program all the more urgent.

The Golden Palace [Hulu]
After Dorothy marries, the rest of the Girls run a hotel in Miami. The Golden Girls sequel didn’t do well, but it’s beloved by people like me–much in the way that Fire Walk with Me is somehow considered good in the 21st Century–because it faithfully continues to the charm of its predecessor.


  • What if Jessica Fletcher were three British women. Queens of Mystery answers this pressing question as DS Matilda Stone (Olivia Vinall) solves crimes with the aid of her three mystery writers friends. The second season debuts today on Acorn TV.
  • On the Netflix Dutch import Undercover, two agents take the dangerous step of embedding themselves within the country’s biggest cartel. Its third season opens today.
  • It’s a great day for fans of that reality series where people have roughly three months in person to decide whether what they have is marriage-worthy. One-time cast members and identical twins Darcey and Stacey Silva enter into a third season of TLC’s deep dive into, well, them on Darcey & Stacey. The network about learning also lets us learn more about two of the couples featured on 90 Day FiancéDavid & Annie: After the 90 Days and Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days.

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