What To Watch: 01/05/2021

In a rare move, we’re leaning with CBS. Are we getting old? We’ve also got a rom-com and Hulu’s investigation of the mostly unpunished treason that happened 364 days ago. Madenningly, neither its producers at ABC News nor Hulu are really promoting it. The world is getting weird.

Good Sam [CBS, 10p]
Sofia Bush plays a young heart surgeon dealing with the pressures of working with her renowned surgeon father and their differing teaching styles when it comes to their residents in this new medical drama from CBS. 

Four To Dinner [Netflix]
This Spanish-language rom-com follows four close friends through “parallel storylines as they pair up in different couple combinations.” Like Friends, if Phoebe dated Ross, Chandler, and Joey (and maybe Rachel and Monica, too).

Homegrown: Standoff to Rebellion [Hulu]
It’s the year anniversary of the terrorist insurrection at the Capitol by a bunch of deluded racists. A new Hulu doc will give you a minute by minute breakdown of what happened that terrible day. Watch to learn. Foster your anger and do your job as a citizen to make sure this madness never happens again.


  • Dr. Ken Jeong brings us the bizarro version of the hit show on which he also flamboyantly judges singers. Unlike on The Masked Singer, where famous people don elaborate costumes and receive a verdict of stay or go based on their singing abilities, on I Can See Your Voice, the contestants are unadorned amateurs and the judges are tasked with divining their talent based on looks alone. Both of these franchises began in South Korea and both are on Fox in the U.S.A.
  • NBC brings back its Windy City suite with Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med coming back for the second half of their 10th, 9th, and 7th seasons respectively.
  • Speaking of reboots, the other Netflix import of the day is a Mexican drama series based on a Mexican telenovela that itself was based on an Argentine telenovela. Rebelde is about six teens with very different personalities and backgrounds trying to navigate an elite high school.
  • Rosanne Minus Roseanne continues to flourish and it just may be on our Top 20 coming out tomorrow. The Conners returns for the second season. One of the plots involve Darlene’s new boyfriend Nick being invited to a Chicago Bears game by her ex, Ben, which might be the meanest thing an ex has done to a person’s new beau.
  • ABC also brings back familiar faces, as Home Economics, the quietly well-reviewed sitcom with an excellent cast including Topher Grace, Jimmy Tatro, and Sasheer Zamata returns for the second half of its second season. Danica McKellar has appeared as a principal on that show which is the perfect segue to ABC’s other returning show, the reboot of the sitcom McKellar starred on as Winnie in the 1980s, The Wonder Years, which also boasts a great cast and great review. It’s still in its first season.
  • Lifetime gets off its “Deadly” tip for one day (don’t worry–they’ll be back to the adverb tomorrow) with the return of the reality show Married at First Sight for a 14th season. It is (quite literally) what it is.

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