What To Watch: 01/03/2022

The third day of this not-yet-spoiled year turns out to be about as traditional as it gets, featuring all appointment over-the-airwaves shows–two of them are even on a major network. So, let’s dig into the first Monday programming of 2022.

The Cleaning Lady [Fox, 9p]
After immigrating to the United States from the Philippines in order to get her very sick son the treatment he needs, Thony works as a cleaning lady to make money. A successful doctor in Manilla, her attention to detail draws the eyes of a crime boss and she ends up being the go to cleaner for the mob. 

Ugliest House in America [HGTV, 10p]
Wait no longer for Retta on primetime as she takes viewers like your parents through the ugliest houses in America. Finally, an HGTV shower Boomers and I can agree on.

Kenan [NBC, 8p]
It’s still a work in progress, but Kenan Thompson is a low-key comedy genius so there’s a lot of promise in his first sitcom as a widowed dad and the supporting cast is solid. Season two starts tonight.


  • After a November preview featuring the judges from its sister show, the music game show That’s My Jam returns for the regular with battles featuring indie MC Chance the Rapper vs. indie actor teamed up with philanthropist(?)/media experimenter(?) Joseph Gordon-Leavitt taking on pop star Alesia Cara and modern crooner (and master of the self-deprecating cameo) Josh Groban.
  • The This Is Us meets Sliding Doors that is the new-ish NBC series Ordinary Joe returns for the back half of its second season.
  • Another pair of NCISes return on CBS to sate your endless maritime crimes appetite with the newest series NCIS:Hawai’i starting to close out its opening season and the original flavor, NCIS, digs into its 19th season–it’s tied with Lassie for 6th longest running scripted show, and Mark Harmon never even rescues any children from wells.
  • There’s yet more elements of franchises about organized crime solvers returning to network television as Rob Lowe’s entry into the 9-1-1 canon, 9-1-1:Lone Star returns for a… gasp! third season on Fox.
  • Matt James is the second member of the 2014 Wake Forest Demon Deacons football team to become the titular contestant on The Bachelor–and at least the third ex-football player (they have a type). Based on the promo we just watched, Matt’s hobbies include showering outside, making out on a couch, having coconut milk poured on him while showering outside, off-roading, ziplining, parasailing, making out in a pool, teaching women to skateboard, making out in a hot air balloon, watching women box, talking passionately into a camera, hiking through the woods in a bespoke suit and tie, and staring at an engagement ring. As always, the magic happens on ABC.
  • Finally, on the only network show with an emoji in its title, the Bobs and Abisholas are going to Africa! It’s a very special episode of Bob Hearts Abishola and who knows, maybe it’s better than the 500 ads on NFL on CBS make it look. On the same network, Max Greenfield’s character finds out he’s a distant cousin of Cedric the Entertainer’s character on The Neighborhood and we are only tangentially familiar with the sitcom, but clearly the former is much happier about this turn of events than the latter.

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