What To Watch: 01/02/2022

David Tennant does that 19th Century Jules Verne rhumba while he transverses the globe with that familiar 2 1/2 month deadline leading a Sunday that is both relatively quiet and packed.

Around the World in 80 Days [PBS, 8p]
The BBC adaptation of the Jules Verne classic globetrotting adventure debuts today. Sci-fi stan fan favorite David Tennant returns as Phileas Fogg and Hans Zimmer has contributed to the soundtrack. The odds are in the favor of this show so far–it’s already been renewed for a second season! Let the trip begin!

The Great North [Fox, 9:30p]
There’s been a recent glut of adult-friendly animation, but this show is truly something special. On paper, it’s Ron Swanson in Alaska, and that’s part of it, but it’s also full of well-written characters and good vibes which are well-earned. The first episode of the new year is New Year’s Day themed and its title from a 1980s Kevin Costner Oscar winner, so what could be wrong.

Vengeance: Killer Newlyweds [HLM, 9p]
Trash, thy name is Katherine. Viewers are promised “the twists and turns of the investigation, ultimately leading to justice,” in this hour-long docuseries about murderous newlyweds. Tonight a groom falls to the ground from his apartment on the 25th floor.

Yellowjackets [Showtime, 9p]
Last week’s episode was especially violent as we saw what happens in the woods when you don’t heed Lottie’s advice. I wonder if Taissa will forge ahead or take the tragedy of a sign to head back to the cabin? Meanwhile in the present Taissa, Nat and Shauna’s foolproof plan to track their ransom money with a tracking device from Amazon did not go as planned. Taissa is unraveling and fearful for her family. Shauna is beginning to feel suspicious about Adam. 


  • While it’s not high art, The Equalizer is a reliably fun drama mixing police procedural with the intrigue of a thriller and boasts an Oscar nominee as the titular character. Queen Latifah is always fun, and Adam Goldberg and Liza Lapira shine in supporting roles. The second season resumes on CBS tonight. Btw, if you have mentally canceled Chris Noth, remember that these are recorded months ago and while he’s been fired from the show, he appears in this season as Latifah’s secret handler.
  • Also making its mid-season return on CBS is one of the more palatable of the 3 million and 2 NCIS iterations–although if you haven’t seen NCIS:Elizabeth, New Jersey, you’re missing out. NCIS:Los Angeles does have Academy Award winner Linda Hunt, as well as Academy Award attendees LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell.
  • One of the most recent in the documentarian uncovers new facts about a mystery true crime subgenre, Relentless, which tells the story of a missing woman from Hannibal, MO, moves from Discovery+ streaming to scheduled TV on Investigation Discovery.
  • As we’re not fans of Dr. Pimple Popper and all it’s wrought, we’ll not say too much about Discovery’s newest medical gross-out show, This Came Out of Me.
  • The Gordon Ramsey-iverse continues to expand as the sometimes ornery, sometimes encouraging British chef returns in the new Fox cooking show where adaption is the name of the game, but in a more real way, it’s called Next Level Chef. Aspiring master chefs have to pass a variety of obstacles while cooking delicious meals.
  • Food Network is not going to be passed in its own market niche as they roll out the latest Guy Fieri vehicle. In Guy’s Chance of a Lifetime, Fieri recruits seven of his own next level chefs with one of them getting a chance to work with Guy. We’re sure there are many easy jokes here, but we’re gonna agree with Shane Torres’ viral video that we got no beef with Mr. Fieri.
  • The Science Channel also fulfills its name with a pair of similarly named geological exploration shows: Expedition Deep Ocean – Atlantic Ocean: Earthquake Abyss and Expedition Deep Ocean – Southern Ocean: Into the Freezer.
  • Finally, Lifetime is kissing more “deadly”s than 1988 Lita Ford, as the third and fourth movies of the young year featuring that adverb are the inspired-ly named Deadly Ex Next Door and Deadly Garage Sale.

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