What to Watch: 01/01/2022

As Saturdays so, this one is extraordinarily packed and we can’t quite put a finger on why that is. Oh, well, since it’s the New Year’s Day holiday, we should have some time to figure it out. Here’s some of what’s on!

We Baby Bears [Cartoon]
We Bare Bears is back, in baby form! Lest you think this is Muppet Babies for We Bare Bears (OK, it totally is), guest stars include Rhys Darby, Young M.A., Jason Mantzoukas, Janeane Garofalo, and Willow Smith. Bask in the adventures and early days of Griz, Ice Bear, and Pan Pan as they look for their place in the world. What else were you going to do, work?

Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts [HBO Max]
The latest reunion show on HBO Max is here to help us usher in the new year and it’s a doozy. The cast of the classic wizarding movies comes together to reminisce the making and legacy of one of the most successful franchises in pop culture history. The impact these books and movies have made on a generation can’t be overstated (but this focuses on the movie side). Welcome back to Hogwarts!

The ’80s: Top Ten [Nat Geo, 9p]
Admittedly, I hearted the ’80s a bit more when I was younger and they were more recent; however, they still, like many people within 10 years of my age in either direction, hold a certain nostalgic appeal. This Nat Geo special may be light entertainment, but that may be exactly what we all need (or at least ages 35-55) on the first day of a new year, coming off two collectively spectacularly bad years. So put on the… you know what? I never really knew the fashion–it was all about the music for me.


  • Oh… my stars! The descendents of Steve Irwin continue in carrying on his tradition of showcasing the wildlife of the only continent wholly in the southern hemisphere that’s not covered in ice. Crikey! It’s the Irwins returns on Animal Planet tonight.
  • The extreme antiquing continues as Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz travel the world in search of hidden treasures for a 23rd season of American Pickers on the History Channel.
  • The Discovery+ streaming concern returns with a bunch of new shows, including one whost title makes us worry about looking up what it is. We’re not sure what we were expecting with Homeboy, but we probably could have guessed it was about handiness around one’s home–in this case as expressed by our guide, helpful home hints expert Rajiv Surendra. There’s also the returning Ghost Hunters (with new “hunters”)and the new more-terrestrial-concerned London Lit debuting on the service.
  • Crackle is delivering a more traditional historical discovery experience, if still with a very poppy method, with the return of The Uncommon History of Very Common Things.
  • In the ultra-French comedy from France, The Hook Up Plan, a group of friends hired an escort to cheer up one of their circle and it became a romance. The fruits of the Netflix import’s high-concept plot will presumably hit peak today as the third and final season drops.
  • Netflix’s other new imported content comes from Nollywood, in sequel form. Nigeria’s Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke brings back the antics (both dramatic and comedic) of the Beeworth family, the stars of the original movie of four years ago.
  • On a much darker note, ID’s Finding Andrea does the usual true crime TV treatment for a missing Louisville mom named Andrea Knabel, where there still is at least hope.
  • There is very little of even that hope in the yet darker new true crime anthology from Oxygen, New York Homcide which deals with often-grisly murders in the biggest city in the U.S. As (mostly) New York residents, we feel compelled to remind you that, despite what you may see on shows like these and on the various Laws and/or Orders, our city has had an absurdly low murder rate over the last few decades.
  • Finishing off in the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex, it’s a new year wnd Christmas is in the rearview–save for those who hold on to it for the song’s 12 days. We woke up to seven swimming swans on her lawn and it’s just, well, a total mess. But, anyway, Lifetime is off the endless parade of Christmas movies and back to the creepy stalker ouvre, with the theme tonight being a particular morbid adverb. Deadly Cheers and Deadly Infidelity debut tonght.

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