What To Watch: 12/17/2021

We’re excited for this busy Streaming Friday[TM?], and in fact so excited for one rom-com, we’ve named it twice in our editor’s picks. And if you’re into sci-fi, you’ve got a ton of choices from many different subgenres–from fantasy to clones to androids.

With Love [Amazon Prime]
I’m taking a break from watching Elf on repeat and switching gears to rom-com holiday vibes with the latest from Gloria Calderon Kellett (One Day at a Time). The streaming series follows the Diaz family’s romantic antics over the course of a year of holidays — from Christmas to Dia de los Muertos. Think Love Actually with Latinx leads. Why settle for a holiday movie when you can have a whole season? Looking forward to all the warm and fuzzies while drooling over the Nochebuena spread.

With Love [Amazon Prime]
I’ve been eagerly awaiting the premiere of this new show from Gloria Calderón Kellet! This new dramedy follows siblings Lily and Jorge Diaz as they navigate love and relationships over the course of a year through the lens of Holidays with the Diaz family. 

The Witcher [Netflix]
There hasn’t been a fantasy franchise since Game of Thrones that has had the cultural impact that this one has right now. The second season drops on Netflix today and there is a lot of aftermath from season one to deal with. Geralt and Ciri are on the run. Will he be reunited with Yennefer? Clocking in at only eight episodes, it safe to say that a lot will happen in each one. Don’t be left behind. You know your work friends will be talking about it around the water cooler. Is that still a thing?

Swan Song [Apple TV]
Mahershala Ali plays a dying man who consults a doctor played by Glenn Close (so that’s two Oscar winners already) who gives him the option to create a clone to keep his family happily unaware of his painful death after he’s gone. It’s a fascinating (and jarring) premise, and that Awkwafina also stars in it is a plus.


  • In the Hulu original movie Mother/Android, Chloe Grace Moritz is a pregnant woman trying to survive a post-singularity world, evading killer androids on her way to Boston which is the one safe place left for some reason. As a dude in the trailer “helpfully” points out “how do you fight an enemy who never sleeps?” Well, hopefully for our protagonists, we all find out.
  • In the not-at-all weird concept, three NYC rappers interview guests at what they call the “edge of nature” and the result is Chillin’ Island. The HBO show does get some big name guests like Young Thug and Killer Mike.
  • Texan Joe Bob Briggs started his cult legend in the 1970s, doing his rockabilly B-movie aficionado schtick on cable access. While he’s no household name, his ability to maintain a level of fringe celebrity is beyond impressive. Joe Bob Ruins Christmas on Shudder–where he currently parks his Last Drive-In–is not his first holiday special, but last year he was trying to “save” the season. What’s changed? Find out today!
  • Talk about a very specific topic for a Showtime documentary, but Rolling Like Thunder looks into the intricate world of graffiti that is endemic to the world of train riders. We’re not saying we’re not intrigued #NoHobo.
  • Peacock’s The Murder of Gabby Petito: Truth, Lies and Social Media is a documentary working a more usual path, in fact looking into one of the most followed crimes of 2021–the murder of Petito on a hiking trip with her boyfriend Brian Laundrie–the latter now also dead and convicted of the crime in the public forum. Will the documentary unearth new information. Watch it if you want to see.
  • Perhaps India’s answer to marital strife dramas like Marriage Story, Decoupled examines a fictional pair who are taping a series of interviews about the institution while they are in the process of possibly getting divorced. It’s on Netflix.
  • Finally, in the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex), the action is still on Lifetime as LMN debuts Twisted Little Lies which is presumably less tall than Big Little Lies but more twisted, and Lifetime airs Mistletoe in Montana and you can probably figure out the players in that one pretty easily.

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