What To Watch: 12/13/2021

The latest great hope for the future of sitcoms arrives from the makers of perhaps the greatest situational comedy of the past decade. It’s also a good night if you would like to find out more about the story behind the most important children’s puppet show of our lifetime or how a clothing company operating out of the back of a car for 25 years evolved in a flash into a fast fashion phenomenon which was also both part pyramid scheme and part goofy cult. Oh, and that British chef we all love to see yell at people is back, but in a more relaxed setting.

American Auto [NBC, 10p]
NBC airs two “sneak peek” episodes of this series created by Justin Spitzer, the brains behind Superstore (which I really, really liked). Starring Ana Gasteyer, the comedy follows a group of clueless executives who are trying to revitalize a floundering industry they know nothing about. 

Street Gang: How We Got To Sesame Street [HBO, 10p]
The latest HBO doc (great title) tells the story of Sesame Street. It’s a little hard to believe that it’s taken so long to get an in-depth documentary on the legendary kids show, but better late than never. Watch the amazing story of a show created for inner city kids changes the world.

Gordon Ramsay’s Road Trip: European Vacation [Fox, 8p]
Originally a series on ITV, Fox has condensed this buddy road trip through Europe into a two hour long special. Watch as Gordon, Gino and Fred eat their way through Italy, France, and Scotland. 

The Rise and Fall of LuLaRoe [Discovery+]
There’s been a lot of attention given to Multi-Level Marketing organizations over the years, and there are so many stories of MLMs who have taken advantage of the American desire to get rich quick and many of them have the same themes. However, LuLaRoe is a unique in so so many ways–not least of which where most of these pyramid schemes hawk a product that is uniformly underwhelming, LuLaRoe’s playfully patterned garments ran the gamut from quirky-comfy quality leisurewear to flimsy leggings with absurdly tacky designs displaying crotch-eating bees. Many shipments would even come with a moldy smell. And some of the rules and tactics of the organization took the culty side of these groups to a new level (reps were encouraged to get weight-loss surgery). The strange tale of the upstart clothing brand was told well in Amazon Prime docu-series LuLaRich; however, there are so many crazy elements in this story that I know I’m ready for the second round this Discovery show will provide.


  • The yelling Brits are of a different variety on the E.B. Bates-based series The Larkins which seems like a quainter, rural Shameless set in the 1950s. It reaches our shores on the reliable Acorn TV imprint today.
  • If your recurring dream has been having a home sold to you by a Santa who also pulls a car out of your new garage with his bare hands, then House Hunters Ho Ho Home is the new HGTV show for you, you lovable weirdo.
  • No, we would not give you false hope on this strange and mournful day, but the Love & Hip-Hop reunion is only a motion away on VH1. Watch your favorite reality TV characters catch up with what is officially called VH1 Family Reunion: Love & Hip-Hop Edition.
  • Over on Lifetime, presumably cartology and Christmas play into the standard LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex) rom-com formula in tonight’s offering Maps and Mistletoe.

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