What To Watch: 12/12/2021

There’s not all that much that’s new that’s not Christmas with the notable exception of one of the buzziest shows in television with a finale that has a reveal of its own cliffhanger, and that would be Jason’s pick of the day.

Succession [HBO, 9p]
Did they really…. ?! Is he truly… ?! They wouldn’t… ! So, if you have yet to watch, the penultimate episode of HBO’s hip grotesquerie of greed ended on a shocking cliffhanger which we won’t get into. Regardless of the outcome of what happened in the final scene, the Roy family is in disarray as an 1000-year-old Louisiana vampir… we mean a 40-something Scandanavian tech company mastermind has the family and Royco in an awkward position and what started as an acquisition has shifted to a possible merger of equals and may just put the whole business in jeopardy. It’s hard to explain why this series works, but the third season has turned low-key and often confusing stakes into high drama and it all wraps up tonight.

Blade Runner: Black Lotus [Adult Swim, 12a]
The animated show gets real this week as she takes action to avenge what happened in the hunt. As a show and character, Black Lotus is reaching a point of no return and it’s a blast to watch. The Blade Runner franchise hasn’t let me down yet.


  • This week on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry’s kerfuffles over “important” topics include battles over fake rimshots and the 1869 novel Little Women. And over on its partner-in-awkwardness, Insecure, Issa’s life is really coming together with a great guy and booming bank account, but she has three more episodes in the series to not screw that up.
  • If you’re a “watch the Super Bowl for the commercials” sort of person, you’ll probably love The CW’s Greatest Holiday Commercials Countdown 2021. Surely there will be polar bears drinking soda pop, but what brand?
  • The TLC juggernaut about whirlwind romances looks at a new group of long-distance suitors in the days before the 90 day in-person countdown begins. It’s the fifth season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Based on the trailer, they all seem so genuinely nice and we want it to work out for all of them.
  • We probably should put A Christmas Proposal in the Lifetime-Hallmark style round-up below, but while it’s got a fairly standard Lifetime-Hallmark Xmas rom-com premise: a pair of acquaintances hatch a plan to fool their families that they are a couple (on Christmas) only to find out they are catching actual feelings for each other, it’s created by CBS, is streaming on Paramount+ and features Jessica Camacho and Adam Rodriguez.
  • So, to start/continue the rom-com round-up, we’ve got Hallmark’s Sister Swap: Christmas in the City which may star actual sisters and features Kevin Nealon for some reason. America’s dentist office’s #1 magazine provides tonight’s Lifetime offering as two families combine for an awkward Christmas that may or may not (but will) get resolved by the final act. The younger Duff singer-actress is the lead in People Presents: Blending Christmas. GAC Family gets into the mix with A Christmas Star in which our meet-cuties bond over a meteor shower. Sweater vests are involved. Finally, the trailer for Up TV’s Fixing Up Christmas hits every cliche within the first five seconds of the trailer (panned shot of small town, busy businesswoman, trip to said small town, rival whose business she’s buying out is a local dude about her age). In any case, the leads are ridiculously good looking so there’s that.

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