What To Watch: 11/29/2021

All around us are familiar faces, etc., etc. Two out of our three recommendations are reruns, and the third one is somewhat half-hearted. Woo hoo?

That’s My Jam [NBC, 10p]
While I do love music game shows, my Jimmy Fallon tolerance has become rather low, so my “excitement” for this celebrity contest whose premise so far has only been vaguely addressed is rightfully in air quotes. However, Fallon also chose The Roots as his late night band, so not knowing what this is, maybe it’s something quite cool.

The Hot Zone: Anthrax [NatGeo, 9p]
The dredging of America’s unsolved (don’t at me) chemical terrorism continues, as Capitol Hill is targeted and “another side of Bruce comes to light.” Do you think, if the series does well, something else would come to light? No? There’s always Hallmark? OK.

Wakefield [Showtime, 9p]
Last week Colette discovered that Linda has been lying about Beth and also had sex with a patient’s husband. Nik was given the promotion to Nursing Unit Manager after Linda pulled herself out of the running. Nik, emboldened by his promotion, acted on his feelings for Kareena. Questionable decisions all around! This week the ward has a new violent patient that they are ill equipped to handle and Nik continues to be haunted by his family trauma. 


  • The Real Housewives franchise not only gives us the fake drama and the spinoffs, but enough behind-the-scenes real drama to fill multiple documentaries and Salt Lake City housewife Jenni Shah is at least the second to indeed get a big-time doc about her misdeeds. It’s The Housewife and the Shah Shocker and it’s on Hulu.
  • We thought for a second we might have the first editing-themed reality show, but YouTube’s Copy That! actually features four influencer-type competitors who have to do their best to imitate whatever skill that week’s host displays–i.e. if the guest star is a gymnast, the foursome better feel flexible that week. Think of it as Nailed It! but without Nicole Byer, not confined to baking and with a regular cast of semi-professional actors.
  • VH1 decides to do its best at Hallmarking–that is, creating affable holiday flicks, often with familiar faces whose appearance stokes nostalgia. They start off with Adventures in Christmasing featuring Tootie herself, Kim Fields.
  • Taye Diggs, Ne-Yo, and Eric Bellinger channel their inner Frank, Sammy, and Dean in The Black Pack: We Three Kings, a suave Christmas concert on the CW.
  • We’re not sure what we expected Home for the Holidays with VICE to be, but not the grab bag of low-budget, oddball, cable access-y features it would appear to be from its trailer. It does look more palatable and entertaining than what we may or may not have imagined.
  • An event planner helps a rising star singer in Welcome To The Christmas Family Reunion and because it’s on Lifetime, she’s about to find herself falling into a will-they-won’t-they relationship with the singer’s cousin (SPOILER ALERT: they will, but it will be off camera).

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