What To Watch: 11/25/2021

If you’re thankful for music or animation (or both), it’s a good day for you to kick back after family and/or football and/or whatever you like and check out streaming as there’s lots of new stuff sneaked out for the holiday. We’re thankful that you are reading this! Now onto that musical and animated holiday fare… and try not to cut the turkey without the late Canadian character actor Lou Jacobi.

The Beatles: Get Back [Disney+]
Peter Jackson is no stranger to making films long, so he’s a perfect choice to take a film that’s considered a rare misstep by the Fab Four, Let It Be and turn its outtakes into six hours of revelations about a band that was breaking down after six years of being the biggest thing in (across?) the universe. If you’re a Beatles fan (like me), you may be disgusted at times, but you certainly cannot look away (and it probably won’t let you down). 

South Park: Post-COVID [Paramount+]
Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and even Kenny survived COVID (and Coloradoans storming their own damn capital), but will “never be the same” in this totally unnecessary South Park special.

DMX: Don’t Try To Understand [HBO, 8p]
DMX was nothing if not a complicated man. Love him or hate him he struggled with his demons publicly in a way that paved new ground for artists like Drake to traverse. This new documentary focuses on the time he spent adjusting to life after prison. It may give an idea of what his life like then, but per his title… don’t expect to understand him.


  • How you feel about F is for Family likely hinges on your feelings about Bill Burr who created and gives voice to its main character. Many love the Philly stand-up with the complicated worldview, so many stan this Netflix animated series which rolls into its fifth season today. Unlike many of his fellow loudmouth comedy voices, Burr is his own man, which makes it so odd that this show is so familiar with its standard-issue angry, rough-around-the-edges dad and abiding family, but like Burr, when you peel away the layers, there is more to it (at least a bit). However, as with Burr, it’s the fanboys that can turn one off.
  • We live in an era of Peak TV and Peak Reboot and we are now two seasons into the revival of that series about deception and betrayal in high school (which one?).

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