What To Watch: 11/23/2021

Our recommendations for this Tuesday are either meant to change your world view or aimed at children or both.

Black and Missing [HBO, 8p]
This four-episode series–the first two episodes air tonight, the last two tomorrow–follows sisters-in-law Derrica and Natalie Wilson, founders of the Black and Missing Foundation, as they fight the bring awareness to Blak missing persons cases. 

Masters of the Universe: Revelation [Netflix]
Kevin Smith’s He-Man reboot lands today. In the first few episodes, this season doubles down on what got so many misogynistic “fans” upset. If you thought Teela was powerful just wait til you get a load of Evil Lynn. Thanks Kevin and the crew for dragging this property into the 21st century.

Waffles + Mochi Holiday Feast [Netflix]
Obamas! Healthy Eating! Puppets! A new holiday! What’s not to love about all of those things–well, OK, nothing’s perfect, but this episode of the kids cooking show where the gang try to save it’s burgeoning holidy “Freezy Day” could be a fun way to entertain your young ones or re-ignite your inner child’s holiday spirit.


  • The affable pop idols of a decade ago have aged fairly well and the Jonas Brothers Family Roast could be a lot of fun. It’s on Netflix and like so many things these days, Pete Davidson is there for some reason.
  • A unicorn of sorts: The Fastest, also on Netflix, is an Arab reality show about motor sports and it certainly looks adrenalized.
  • A brave reporter, Roberto Hernandez, looks into the corruption within the Mexican police system focusing on a fender bender/kidnapping that turned even stranger in the Netflix true crime series Reasonable Doubt: A Tale of Two Kidnappings.
  • The twin fears of isolation and silence are at the heart of The Strings as after breaking up with her band, a musician leaves the city for a remote family cottage in the frozen tundra. After she and a budding romantic partner explore a shed, strange things start to happen back in the cottage. As you could likely guess, it is on Shudder.
  • If you’ve watched the Arabic racing show above and it makes you long for a certain classic show about cars that go fast, well, you’re in luck as the 31st season of Top Gear debuts on BBC America today.
  • Klutch Academy tells the story of the titular sports agency’s attempt to fulfill the hoop dreams of six young b-ball stars. It’s on BET+.

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