What To Watch: 11/22/2021

Thanksgiving is in the air and the tiny cinematic network A24 has a unique and possibly immersive (really up to you) option for your celebration. An alternative animation source also is offering some twisted holiday cheer. Meanwhile, Fiona reminds you of an underrated Showtime import you should probably give a chance.

The Beach [A24]
We’re not even quite sure what to call this, but it’s certainly one of the most unusual viewing experiences available to the home viewer. In fact, I’m skirting the rules a bit by choosing it, as one could call it pay-per-view as you pay 6 bucks to subscribe to A24 for a week and can jump in and out of what director Warwick Thornton is calling both a 6-part series and a “sensual viewing experience.” Thornton spends the time cooking and having low-key adventures in the most picturesque of settings. It may be nonsense, or it may be just what you need to get through Thanksgiving in a trying year. 

Solar Opposites [Hulu]
This holiday special is described as obscene, ridiculous, and oddly loving. In a way, the same can be said about humanity right now, so maybe this special will tap into something of a zeitgeist of 2021. Leave it to a bunch of cartoon aliens to teach us some lessons about being human. Happy Holidays indeed.

Wakefield [Showtime, 8p]
Last week James returned to the ward after a failed business deal, Tessa’s relationship with her mother further fractured and Linda attempted to brighten spirits with gambling. Nik is stuck playing peacemaker between his mother and sister and continues relying on Kareena for advice. Kareena is again suggesting that Nik see a professional that is not her while Nik continues to find reasons to avoid seeking help. I am very worried about his mental health!  


  • 58 years ago today in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza the world stood still as the President was shot and killed by… well, let’s not go there. In any case, based on its title, the Showtime documentary JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass DOES go there.
  • Teenagers turn to heists to avoid bullying in the 1978 in the Spanish film Outlaws, debuting on Netflix today. The bullied 1980s teen writing this wonders if THAT was what he was supposed to do.
  • We don’t mean to leave you on a note of existential dread, but two things we feel compelled to mention as new content, but do not endorse are a pair of Discovery+ titles we suggest you think twice before discovering: the monster gawking Chasing Ghislane and the sadness fountain from down under Wife Swap Australia. We know the links are missing. It’s like that on purpose!

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