What To Watch: 11/18/2021

Mindy Kaling is offering a new prestige series, a documentary looks into a classic fad brand from the aughts, and one of the many shows going where no one has gone before continues to go there. Also, we have an Alanis musical, a new Psych movie, and Tom keeps trying to catch Jerry, but in this case, the backdrop is the Big Apple… sorta (well, see the image below).

The Sex Lives of College Girls [HBO Max]
This new show from Mindy Kaling follows four college roommates as they navigate sex and relationships at a prestigious New England college. It looks like a delight and I can’t wait to binge my way through it. 

The Curse of Von Dutch [Hulu]
This new series chronicles the rise and fall of the 2000s “most iconic” frashion brand. Trucker hats and low-rise jeans are back, but VonDutch isn’t (yet). 

Star Trek: Discovery [Paramount+]
So the crew of discovery has been shot 900 years in the future where dilithium crystals for space travel are in short supply. The season looks likes it’s going to perilous. While this Star Trek offshoot may be a show that is polarizing among fans, you have to admit the storytelling options this season are very compelling. After all these years Star Trek can be a franchise that still has plenty to say.


  • For all the self-seriousness in her songs, in moments like when she played Kevin Smith’s god in Dogma or herself as Judy Tobin’s imaginary friend Alanis in The Great North, Alanis Morissette has proven very willing to have a sense of humor about herself. Jagged (named after the first third of the title of her breakthrough album) is the new standard of music book musicals. It debuts on HBO tonight.
  • Anna is the latest “virus that only effects x” thrillers, this one is from Italy and the “x” stands for adults. Our title character has to figure out how to survive in a Lord of the Flies-esque world. It’s on Sundance Now.
  • It’s a rare twofer for Sundance Now–Hollington Drive has fewer dead bodies, more secrets and lies.
  • Bilal Baig stars as a non-binary Pakistani-Canadian juggling multiple lives and identities in the surreal Sort Of, a Canadian series about self-discovery debuting on HBO Max today.
  • That lightweight half-comedy/half-drama about an observant wisecracking private eye who leverages his photographic memory to build a business as a pretend psychic with his friend Gus will never die, and that’s a good thing. The latest spin-off one-off movie Psych 3: This is God wisely focuses on Dule Hill’s sidekick and hits Peacock today.
  • Also on Peacock, that flamboyant real estate tycoon Todd Chrisley who knows best for those who grow up in his house gets a holiday special. It’s Chrisley Knows Thanksgiving.
  • Netflix goes to the Prince/Pauper well for a third time with the enchanted rom-com The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star. This installment mixes up a fun heist in with the usual swaps of royalty with common folk.
  • Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse have been playing their, well, cat and mouse games since 1940, but have been back in vogue with a new movie and a HBO Max series. The latter, Tom and Jerry in New York, returns for a second season today.
  • The Lone Star State is so about their football that even 6-man football gets its own series on Paramount+. Texas 6 returns for a second season of intense amateur competition.
  • Known for his man-in-black goth get-up, the Spanish-language stand-up Carlos Ballarta releases his first in a series of three Netflix stand-up specials: Carlos Ballarta: False Prophet.

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