What To Watch: 11/17/2021

It’s all about the animals (many of whom aren’t really animals) today–in our rec’s we have tigers and monkeys and Colts (oh my?). It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for–but probably should not have been–as we find out more about the lives of Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, Jeff Lowe (ew!), and that attendant who had her arm ripped off by a tiger yet came back to work the next day.

Tiger King 2 [Netflix]
The sequel America doesn’t need is here! Following last year’s hit, because Netflix says it only “scratched the surface,” dive in on a story you can file under “everyone here sucks.” Based on the trailer, it appears that the documentary will over the fallout from last year’s series. At least one person “has more money than God,” so there’s that.

Marvel’s Hit Monkey [Hulu]
Hit Monkey may be least likely Marvel character to get his own series. Yet here we are. If you liked Hulu’s MODOK series, chances are you will like this story about a monkey hitman. Look, if the premise doesn’t grab you… a) have you no soul? And b) get over yourself. Monkey business indeed!

Hard Knocks in Season: The Indianapolis Colts [HBO, 10p]
OK, part of this might be the Buffalo Bills fan in me getting excited because they are playing the Colts this week and could conceivably make the show. However, the Colts story has been an interesting one so far–knocked out of the playoffs last year by those same Bills, they started the 2021 season slowly with QB reclamation project Carson Wentz. Plus, how can anyone not love Frank Reich?

The Challenge [MTV, 8p]
Last week the Sapphire cell came out on top and put an end to the Emerald cell’s domination. Amanda and Big T fought it out in elimination and Amanda came out on top. She decided to infiltrate the Emerald cell, breaking up their dream team and booting Tori out to join the Ruby cell. Ashley was deactivated after breaking some rules (off camera, but the internet is full of rumors about what happened), leaving the Sapphire cell with only three players. Since Ashley was sent home, TJ called Big T back into the game and she rejoined the Ruby cell. It will be interesting to see how these new team dynamics play out! 


  • In the haunting looking Netflix import Prayers for the Stolen, three Mexican girls try to hold onto their childhood as chaos and violence explode around them–and as many young girls are abducted.
  • Wednesdays have been prime time for imports on the streaming service as three other titles debut today: Tear Along the Dotted Line is a moody, surreal, existentialist animated series, the first from popular Italian graphic novelist Zerocalcare, chronicling three friends on a train ride during which they confront their past, current, and future. The second season of the Colombian reggaeton telenovela (you heard me!), The Queen of Flow also drops today. Finally, in the French holiday flick Christmas Flow (unrelated), a rapper and journalist navigate the waters of love during that time of the year.
  • If you aren’t the reincarnation of W.C. Fields, you might enjoy the Discovery+ reality dog show series The Mighty Underdogs, where kids and pups rule the day.
  • We’ll close it out on the same network where if you are going through Kendra Wilkinson and/or real estate reality withdrawal, you’re in luck as Kendra Sells Hollywood charts the ex-Playboy centerfold and reality star’s entry into a new field.

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