What To Watch: 11/13/2021

On many Saturdays, there is barely any point to creating this post, and in fact, often we have been known to skip a Saturday or two. However, last Saturday was about as action packed as a normal Thursday and while this week’s Saturday content is a bit more subdued, we still have a new chapter to the Blade Runner franchise, Tiger King “villain” (question mark?) Carole Baskin hosting her own series perhaps to try to get ahead of whatever’s coming in the second season released this coming Wednesday, and of course a new SNL featuring a rising star.

Carole Baskin’s Cage Fights [Discovery+]
Call it a Carole Baskin diss tape in advance of Tiger King 2, but in this docu-series the animal preservationist/hypocrite/sane voice/husband murderer (depending on your perspective) attempts to clear the air about how she was portrayed in Netflix’s pandemic megahit documentary. With all the oddballs populating that world, who really knows what the truth is about the Florida native, but I’m willing to listen to what she has to say. 

Saturday Night Live [NBC, 11:30p]
Jonathan Majors is hosting this week’s episode! You’ve seen him in Lovecraft Country, Loki and The Harder They Fall so saying his star is rising is an understatement. How will he do with sketch comedy? I’m not worried. And someone you may have heard of will be bringing her superstar pop as the musical guest. Taylor effing Swift!


  • The replicants and those who hunt them are back in animated form as Adult Swim unveils the long-awaited Blade Runner: Black Lotus at Midnight. It’s a Japanese-American collab, takes place in 2032, and features a female replicant protagonist.
  • Anni: The Honemoon Murders is a true crime documentary tracing the investigation into the 2010 South Africa murder of Anna Dewali. Dewali was celebrating her newly minted marriage to Shrien Dewali when the couple was hijacked in a taxi and she lost her life. Her husband survived and would eventually become a suspect himself.
  • The rest of the action is of the Lifetime/Hallmark movie variety, and as you can guess given that the date is in November, many of the movies are of the Yuletide variety. Whether or not that should be is a worn argument for another day. GAC Family brings us Christmas Time Is Here, which we’re hoping is just footage of Michael Cera as George Michael Bluth collapsing in defeat played on a loop. In reality, it’s a Hallmark Xmas Movie plug-and-play. Speaking of which, the premier greeting card company’s TV arm is debuting My Christmas Family Tree and One December Night on Hallmark and Hallmark Movie Network, respectively. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Lifetime’s Christmas offering of the Saturday is A Picture Perfect Holiday which is not an ironically-titled thriller but a genuine rom about wildlife photographers falling in love during the season. Lifetime’s non-holiday film is on Lifetime Movie Network and it’s A Mother’s Fury about a mother’s fury.

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