What To Watch: 11/09/2021

We’re near the end of the latest and most compelling season of Ryan Murphy’s true crime anthology, but at the beginning of a German comedian’s intriguing roasty premise. Meanwhile, that 1980s doll just keeps on a-murderin’.

Your Life is a Joke [Netflix]
This extremely German comedy docu-series stars comedian Oliver Polak, who gets to know celebrities “at their favorite spots” before roasting them. Netflix calls it “good-natured” but I call it a reminder as to why I go to my neighborhood bar alone.

American Crime Story: Impeachment [FX, 10p]
After last week’s particularly harrowing episode, this story concludes tonight as we explore the fallout of the Starr Report. Just as Monica begins to believe that this could all be over, all of the intimate details she was forced to disclose go public when the OIC officially files for impeachment. 

Chucky [Syfy, 10p]
The latest from the Child’s Play franchise is a bit better than it should be. We are approaching the end of the season (or at least it feels like it), so now more people know what our “friend to the end” is and Chucky is getting more dangerous – and more hideous looking. On the plus side enemies are becoming friends to fight the little demon doll. On the negative side, Chucky isn’t taking any prisoners.


  • A rural Tennessee radio show moves to national TV–or, well, streaming… but on the biggest streamer there is, Netflix. Swap Shop is a mix of Pawn Stars and Storage Wars as the reality series’ stars hunt down treasures that are trash and trash that is treasure.
  • If that doesn’t sate your appetite for staring at junk, there are indeed some new episodes of Storage Wars, one of which has a title that parodies one of our favorite 1970s R&B songs, yet also pairs well with the killer doll show rec’d above.
  • If you (or your kids) can’t get enough of “Baby Shark” even five years later (or your love was revived by Ted Lasso‘s Jamie Tartt, do-do–do-do-do-do), the folks who knowingly fed that earworm to children have a new toddler-friendly series. Pinkfong Wonderstar returns for a second season on YouTube.
  • Ellis “Red” Boyd himself tells us about real-life prison breaks which rival the ingenuity of Andy Dufresne’s poster tunnel. Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman debuts on History Channel today.
  • Sometimes it’s the smallest inventions that can change things dramatically. Skiier Jake Burton Carpenter refashioned the relatively new invention of the snowboard by creating fasteners that allowed the feet to bind to the board, revolutionizing the sport. The HBO documentary Dear Rider shares the life of the late inventor who helped to make it both popular recreation and Olympic sport.
  • Investigation Discovery embedded itself in the Kansas City police department for Real PD, a new reality show monitoring the cops in the city as they take on cases big and small. The press release (hyperlinked above) does make it sound like it’s not the BEST show for these times, but, hey, ID, you do you boo!

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