What To Watch: 11/07/2021

America’s favorite fictional serial killer (and least favorite lumberjack) is inexplicably back–we’ll see if they make it up to fans who argued it made The Sopranos ending seem satisfying. Otherwise, after the busiest Friday and Saturday in years, Sunday is as quiet as the soft-spoken Buffalonian whose kind and gentle show returns for a third season on Adult Swim tonight.

Dexter: New Blood [Showtime, 9p]
To say that the 7th season of this show was hated by fans is a huge understatement. Well, if nothing else, now it has a chance to redeem itself. This sequel of sorts hits today and fans are excited, but cautious. Dexter is laying low in Alaska… until someone recognizes him. Uh oh! I know Michael C. Hall will do a good job, just hoping the writing is good.

Joe Pera Talks With You [Adult Swim, 12:30a]
The ultra-affable Pera’s appeal may be confusing to those who don’t get his slowly spun humor, but if his oddball wit hits you, you’re hooked. The 33-year-old stand-up comedian has the disarmingly gentle tone and manner of a friendly, frail grandpa as he weaves colorful stories and jaggedly (yet warmly) interacts with amatuer and semi-professional actors. To give an idea of just how charming Pera’s genuine vibe is, his best friend on this show is played by Gene Kelly–a longtime NBC cameraman who Pera befriended when a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers. My only qualm is why is this show set in the Upper Michigan peninsula when he’ll tell you multiple times in his act, he was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. My family’s hometown could use the love.

The Price of Fitting In [Lifetime Movie, 8p]
A mother must yank her daughter out of a bad crowd–and drug addiction!–when she falls in with the wrong cool kids in what I hope is an overwrought and melodramatic case of public school gone wrong. 


  • Did you know that there is a series based on the classic 1975 Sydney Pollack thriller Three Days of the Condor and that it features Bob Balaban? Condor starts its second season tonight on Epix, so probably not. Sorry, Epix, but prove me wrong. That said, it does look good.
  • If you ever wondered had Kelsey Grammer and John Cleese appeared together in a Christmas movie, that answer was probably no (and we’re not fact-checking that one) until this year. It’s hard to tell if Father Christmas is Back was released elsewhere, but in any case the Love Actually-looking flick hits Netflix today. It also stars Elizabeth Hurley and a host of great character actors.
  • Paired with Joe Pera on tonight’s returning Adult Swim line-up, it’s the also wonderfully weird, but polarly different Squidbillies which returns for a 13th and final season.
  • Kendall is in the building! We repeat, Kendall Roy is in the building! Do you still care? We’re clinging to hold onto hope for now as we cringe through the third season of HBO’s Succession, but mainly in hoping for Cousin Greg to somehow winding up in charge of Waystar RoyCo. Based on the trailer it looks like Adrian Brody will be in this episode Brody-ing it up.
  • For the remainder of the Sunday night HBO line-up, on Insecure, Molly and Issa are both taking stock of their relationship, while on Curb Your Enthusiasm, “Young Larry” continues to come together and fall apart while Patton Oswalt AND Vince Vaughan join Larry David at his awkwardest.
  • Over on Paramount+, Yellowstone returns for its fourth season. It’s got Kevin Costner, man!
  • We’ll close it out at Hallmark where it’s well past beginning to look a lot like Christmas–tonight’s new movie is the simply titled A Christmas Treasure. This one’s got Jordin Sparks as “a writer AND a singer” as her love interest coos.

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