What To Watch: 11/06/2021

Jill Scott is still living her life like it’s “Golden,” as she takes one of the late Michael Landon’s signature roles in the least gritty reboot of 2021, leading off one of the busiest Saturdays we’ve seen here–coming fresh on the heels of one of the busiest Fridays we’ve seen here. All this and a live screaming of “live from New York.” It’s Saturday night!

Highway to Heaven [Lifetime, 8p]
I can’t believe I’m recommending this either, but Michael Landon’s Highway to Heaven gets a modern-day reboot–starting with this movie–and it stars Jill Scott.

Arcane [Netflix, 10p]
League of Legends is e-sport royalty and now it’s coming to Netflix! This adaptation under a new name tells the origins of two iconic League champions, set in the utopian Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun. See if you play the game you know what that means if you don’t it’s time to learn!

Attica [Showtime, 9p]
Fifty years ago, an uprising at an upstant NY prison–due to a mix of racial injustice, prisoner abuse, and just plain old errors in communication–gripped the nation as convicts took over half the territory of the massive institution and tense negotiations ensued for most of four days before the governor ordered state police in, resulting in the deaths of 43 people, 33 inmates, 10 guards/civilians. Documentarian Stanley Nelson lets the survivors’ testimony speak for itself in what promises to be a revealing event, exploring issues of racial inequity still plaguing our country a half century later.


  • While it’s Kieran Culkin’s (aka Succession‘s Roman Roy) first time hosting the ultimate sketch show, he did appear in multiple sketches just under 30 years ago when his older brother Macaulay (11) hosted. Now 39, and arguably the bigger star, Culkin could be a sneaky good Saturday Night Live lead. Meh Shee… we mean Ed Sheeran is the musical guest.
  • Reelz takes a bizarre turn away from music, focusing their signature mini-documentaries at sieges on separatists combines. The three shows are Waco Burning: Deadly Standoff, Ruby Ridge: Deadly Standoff, and Montana Freemen Militia: Deadly Standoff.
  • With Lifetime debuting the Jill Scott Michael Landon reboot, most of the action in the delightfully cheesy movies is on Hallmark as it debuts it’s 100th or so new Christmas movies, but this one has some interesting factors as in Next Stop, Christmas our busy businesswoman is not just going back to her hometown, but back in time 10 years. It also features some cool cameos in ’80s icons Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson–did you see what they did there? It took us a bit longer than it should have. Must be something heavy in the air.

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