What To Watch: 11/01/2021

It may be a bit more of an off-the-beaten-path sort of day if you want to find fun new content to watch on its opening day, but then that’s what we’re here for. Perhaps the most important viewing of the day is a new Hulu documentary that takes a deep dive into the world of white supremacy movements, focusing on a plot that should terrify us all, especially in conjuncture with realizing we still have yet to address the attempted armed coup that took place on live TV when the U.S. election was certified in January.

The Informant: Faith & Fear in the Heartland [Hulu]
It has all the makings for great thriller, but this is real life: an unlikely informant in an all-too-real right-wing domestic terror plot. This new Hulu documentary tells the story of Dan Day–a man who became an unlikely informant and helped to foil a domestic terror plot that could have eclipsed Oklahoma City. As we become more and more polarized, and the right in this country gets more and more unhinged, we need films like this to help us get perspective on just how dangerous the situation is.

Halloween Baking Championship [Food, 8p]
This holiday’s new season includes a pastry chef at the Ritz Carlton in Boston, a doughnut master (OK, she’s a pastry chef at a catering company in Philadelphia), a home baker, and a culinary arts instructor. 

Dalgliesh [Acorn TV]
If you’re looking for a new gritty Brit detective, you could do worse than this new barnburner from the mind of author P.D. James. It takes place in the 1970s, so expect to see some terrific outfits. By which I mean awful. And very, very groovy.

Wakefield [Showtime, 9p]
Last week things came to a head as Nik protected Linda and accidentally injured Tessa while trying to deescalate the situation. Linda knows that Nik was interviewing for her job and is using this incident to discredit him. This week Nik must deal with an investigation into the incident while more pieces of his past are coming to light. 


  • When we first read the title of Candy Coated Christmas: Behind The Scenes With Ree Drummond (way too fast), we could have sworn it was a yuletide-themed confectionery show starring the hip-hop duo behind the hit single “Black Beatles.” While that’s Rae Sremmurd, this quaint, unvarnished look into the story behind the first thespian role of Ree Drummond, the Oklahoma culinary star known as The Pioneer Woman, should be a lot of fun.
  • We’re into November, so expect the Christmas movies to start rolling in at a fever pitch. Netflix debuts The Claus Family, a heartwarming Dutch film about a young composer who hates Christmas–so as with cats drawn to the non-“cat person” in a room, so does the saving of Christmas fall into his lap.
  • We have a bad habit (or Jason, who is writing this does) of mixing up Dr. Laura and Judge Judy and forgetting that while Judge Wapner’s replacement could be mercurial at times, she’s actually fair-minded and even kind of cool and not at all the smug tyrant that the former is. Judy Sheindlin is also a legit judge, where Laura Shlessinger is not the doctor she has pretended to be on radio and TV. In any case, the cool one has the new show Judy Justice on IMDb TV, that is part basic courtroom show, part reality TV.
  • The UK medical drama Temple has languished on Spectrum, limiting its audience a bit (at least for now), but it stars the always-close-to-breaking-big Mark Strong as a talented surgeon who works underground to help fund expensive research to discover a cure for his wife’s illness. Its second season arrives stateside today.
  • Ed Kemper was one of the most sadistic serial killers of the 1970s–up there in brutality with Ted Bundy, if thankfully not in quantity. Investigation Discovery uses its running series to examine his psychopathy in Mind of a Monster: The Co-Ed Killer.
  • We can’t leave you on that dark note, so let’s veer at least slightly back into the light with the still somewhat exploitative and murder-heavy, but a bit lighter, Hollywood Mysteries. The long-running E! series returns tonight.

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