What To Watch: 10/31/2021

Sundays (Sundays Sundays) are now for more than monster truck rallys. Tonight, one of the longest-running shows returns for its… between reboots and reconfigurations it’s hard to count what season of the BBC’s most famous shapeshifter show we’re in, but it’s been on longer than any of our editors have been alive and we’re on the thirteenth person to play the titular character. We’ve also got the usual dead that walk, a full HBO line-up worth watching, and we’re suggesting a Hallmark Christmas movie to boot, so you better get started warming up for your busy evening of screenwatchin’.

Doctor Who [BBC America, 8p]
When you think of England’s premier sci-fi show and holidays the yearly Christmas special comes to mind, but this year the season premiere is a Halloween-themed episode. It’s Halloween and all across the universe sinister forces are starting trouble and it’s up to The Good Doctor to figure it all out.

Succession [HBO, 9p]
It’s getting less and less about who will get Logan Roy’s M&M’s or Daddy Roy’s kiss as the walls are closing in around Bryan Cox’s patriarch as his most awkward son tries to pull the most awkward coup and even if it does not awkwardly succeed, Logan is in serious trouble even if he does follow through on his awesome threat of “punching [Kendall] in the nose.” Meanwhile, the most unlikely romance heats up as Gerri and Roman continue whatever that odd little thing is that they have. 

Christmas Sail [Hallmark, 8p]
Do I believe it’s too early for Christmas? You bet I do. But for those who don’t, Hallmark has what you yearn for when a single mom with an ailing father does it up big and–I assume, I’ve been elbow deep in Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for weeks now–finds love.


  • From Kendall to Issa and Larry, it’s Awkward Sunday on HBO. At 10, on Insecure, we’ve got Issa still doubting herself even as her biz is thriving. At 10:30, Larry attends the latest meeting that goes south fast on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Both have awesome titles: “Growth, Okay?!?!” and “Angel Muffin,” respectfully.
  • We don’t have to know any more about Lost City of the Monkey God to know we’re intrigued. Steve Elkins travels to Honduras to try to unearth the mythical “Ciudad Bianca.” It’s on the Science Channel. Sure.
  • If there’s a countdown show, we know that Jason is there, even if it’s not his official rec. AXS returns with a sixth season of musical lists on The Top Ten Revealed.
  • The military drama SEAL Team retreats from CBS to Paramount+ for its fifth season, starting tonight. We’re sure MAGAheads have something to say about this, but we’re not sticking around to find out, even if we could ever understand a word they say or a thing they do.
  • We’ll end this at Lifetime. Our Lifetime movie du jour is The Danger Next Door which we’re guessing is a clip show of every other Lifetime thriller.

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