What To Watch: 10/28/2021

There’s a certain logic to William Jefferson Harper (aka Chidi) taking on an Anna Kendrick role (well, sort of) as he is the new subject of a cult-favorite anthology. Also, Starfleet goes where it has gone before and meets a familiar face and a pop star follows up a primo acting gig alongside two comic legends by returning to the kitchen with some friends and experts as she attempts to master culinary arts under our observation.

Love Life [HBO Max]
Newly divorced Marcus Watkins, played by William Jackson Harper, navigates life as a single Black man in New York and tries to find love. I loved William Jackson Harper as Chidi Anagonye on The Good Place and cannot wait to see how he excels in his newest role.

Star Trek: Prodigy [Paramount+]
Here we have a new Star Trek animated series that doesn’t always feel like Star Trek… until our alien crew snag a star ship and are greeted by… Captain Janeway? At least a hologram. For a show that is aimed at kids, this takes some risk with the franchise that are paying off so far. It’s fun to watch that universe grow.

Selena + Chef [HBO Max]
She’s back and she’s blonde! Or so says the trailer opening. I’ll have to admit that Only Murders in the Building have turned me from Selena Gomez-ignorer to Selena Gomez-semistan. And on her cooking show–now going into its third season–she seems genuinely excited about learning the ins and outs of the art. 

You’re Not Safe Here [Lifetime, 9p]
A pregnant woman, escaping an abusive partner, swerves off the road and finds herself entrapped by a childless couple in what appears to be an astoundingly awful (so bad it’s good, we hope) Lifetime drama.


  • If you were fans of Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins when they cajoled and amused cooks in the earlier seasons of The Great British Bake-Off, but you wished instead of hanging out in a genteel tent with kindly bakers, they were ruthlessly killing people on the streets of London, well, we’re surprised you had that specific thought (and more than a little scared), but Hitmen is the show for you. The second season of the dark comedy starting the comic pair as hired killers reaches our shores on the Peacock streaming service today. In another treat, The IT Crowd‘s Katherine Parkinson joins the cast.
  • Netflix’s latest creepy crime docu-series The Motive comes from Israel and examines the gruesome, and mystifying case of a 14-year-old Jerusalem teen who slaughtered four members of his family in his sleep with no apparent reason save for his contention he was possessed by a little green monster.
  • The dramatization of the life of a legendary (and barely over 50) Spanish-language pop star Luis Miguel: The Series returns for a third season, also on Netflix. Diego Boneta plays the titular Puerto Rican-born Mexican singer.
  • Three years after its excellent documentary on Black filmmakers in the horror field of the same name, Shudder releases Horror Noire, a collection of six terrifying short stories created by African Americans folded into one film. Stars include Malcolm Barrett, Luke James, and Erica Ash.
  • The HBO Max Spanish thriller Paradise follows a group of teens who attempt to solve the case of the disappearance of three 15-year-old girls from a nightclub only to find out that there are more than terrestrial forces involved.
  • We answered the question “is there any show The CW won’t remake” a couple days ago with the debut of 4400. We bring that up because the second season of Walker, the remake of a classic(?) Chuck Norris series, comes back for its second season tonight. Jared Padalecki is the new Norris–no word on whether Padalecki has a mug of nails instead of a coffee every morning or if he does not sleep, he waits.

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