What To Watch: 10/22/2021

There’s a definite fantastical element to this Friday’s line-up, starting off with an adult animated show about a less-menacing take on the Illuminati, we’ve also got a Mexican fable (also animated), a live-action alien invasion, and we take a second pass at recommending the second pass at getting an onscreen adaptation of a classic sci-fi novel right.

Inside Job [Netflix]
This animated comedy for adults tackles corporate greed and features an outstanding voice cast: Lizzy Caplan, Christian Slater, Clark Duke, Andrew Daly, Bobby Lee, John DiMaggio, Tisha Campbell, and Brett Gelman.

Invasion [Apple TV]
Alien invasion stories are not new, but the Apple TV+ show Invasion shows what that alien attack looks like through the eyes of 5 people throughout the globe. This is a welcome change from invasion stories that usually take place in American cities. The results are a much more human story.

Maya and the Three [Netflix]
Always there for a well-done animated folk tale and this one features an amazing voice cast ranging from Gael Garcia Bernal to Zoe Saldana to Danny Trejo to Cheech Marin to (of all people) Wyclef Jean. 

Dune [HBO Max]
We all collectively agree that there has never been a Dune movie before, right? (This is a running joke in my household and I’m sticking with it). After seeing some great reviews, I am feeling tentatively optimistic about this one. It will undoubtedly be visually stunning. This highly anticipated adaptation of Frank Herbet’s novel is available for streaming for thirty days starting today! 


  • So, first off, sadly Little Big Mouth is not about baby hormone monsters. Secondly, this rom-com looks as if it has a Home Alone-esque identity crisis (yeah, we went there as it’s a classic but the Joe Pesci/Daniel Stern second half has tonal issues). In the case of this new Netflix flick, its trailer makes it look as if it can’t decide between being the sweet story of a mismatched couple with the man trying to win over the woman’s young child or a slapstick revenge farce with the child teaming up with our heroine’s father to torment and drive away her new lover with cruel pranks.
  • Slap a sticker on your TV set if you “turn” to Apple TV as we’ve got the debut of Oprah’s Book Club: Bewilderment. The surreal Richard Powers novel is already being made into a movie despite its having just been released last month. However, this is presumably a long adver… we mean profile of the book itself.
  • There’s so many supernatural fantasy programs it’s hard to keep track of them all, but Locke & Key is one of them. It’s second season drops on Netflix today.
  • It’s a busy night in the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex) as we’ve got a pair of new original films. And there we have it. It’s happened! At 8:00pm EST October 23rd, we can call that the first new Hallmark Christmas movie has arrived. It’s You Me & the Christmas Trees, featuring Jim Carrey as a Ponderosa pine tree with a multiple personality disorder–16 out of 22 of his personas fall for a woman who he has to teach to not hate Christmas. Over on Lifetime, what starts out as your standard Lifetime meet-cute that may or may not lead to stalking becomes something completely different in For Love or Murder as an ex’s bridesmaid may be murdering said ex’s wedding party.

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