What To Watch: 10/20/2021

This October Wednesday is brought to you by backyards–whether its all the nature in a literal backyard or an insurrection happening in our own metaphorical backyard. There’s also the eternal battle between MTV reality TV tentpoles, and Netflix bringing us one intriguing American thriller that meshes a night out with supernatural forces, and multiple imports.

Four Hours at the Capitol [HBO, 9p]
January 6 seems like a lifetime ago and like just yesterday at the same time. It’s one of those events in history where you remember where you were, and hopefully that wasn’t at the Capitol. This new doc on HBO Max tries to make sense of that dark day. It’s not an easy watch and Jan 6 was not an easy day for America.

Nature [PBS, 8p]
Tonight’s episode, “My Garden of a Thousand Beers” explores a cameraman’s relationship with his own backyard as he discovers the variety in species and personalities of his local pollinators. 

The Challenge [MTV, 8p]
Last week TJ dissolved all partnerships and our challengers were divided evenly into three “cells,” Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby. Pricilla and Ashley faced off in the elimination round and after a streak of bad luck, Ashley pulled out the win. As the winner, Ashley was given a choice to return to her own cell or to infiltrate either of the other groups. Ultimately, Ashley refused to abandon Amanda and stayed with the sapphire cell. It will be interesting to see how this new twist changes gameplay. 


  • It’s After Hours in the supernatural gothic realm, as a chauffeur gets swept into the world of vampires when he is hired by a pair of centuries-old nightwalkers in the form of two young women having a night out on the town. Night Teeth debuts on Netflix and looks like a fun, fast-paced, engaging and energetic thriller.
  • Netflix also brings in two imports. While the three subjects of the documentary Found are all American, the film itself is from China and involves the teenagers searching for their Chinese roots in Guangzhou. The pandemic is at the center of the uplifting French comedy Stuck Together. Its action is all set in one apartment building and it’s director Dany Boon also plays the lead role.
  • Robin Williams: Superstar is perfectly timed following a week where Jamie Costa’s uncanny imitation of the legendary comic stirred up both nostalgia and some controversy from the Academy Award-winner’s family. The ABC special should be less provocative, but still promises to explore the darker side of the life of a stand-up whose life had such an abrupt tragic end in 2014.

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