What To Watch: 10/18/2021

It’s a musical Monday as ABC is coming correct with a profile of the history of women in hip-hop and NBC just rolls on with its reality competition tentpole what with the four superstar judges and the chairs that turn around. However, our top pick is a gritty Australian psychological mystery centered around a mental facility.

Wakefield [Showtime, 9p]
Psychiatric nurse Nik Katira works at Wakefield mental health unit as his own sanity begins to come into question and the lines between reality and fiction begin to blur. As someone who loves medical dramas with a special interest in mental health, I am really looking forward to this one! 

The Real Queens of Hip-Hop: The Women Who Changed The Game [ABC, 10p]
This news special created by and produced by an all-women team chronicles the origins of Hip-Hop through the lens of the women that took part in it. Narrated by Salt (Salt-N-Pepa), and featuring interviews with Roxanne Shante, Angie Martinez, Da Brat, Eve, and more, we’ll hear pivotal moments and personal stories from the leading ladies that were there at every milestone. Finally, some much overdue recognition for the MANY contributions women have made to the culture.  

The Voice [NBC, 8p]
The blind auditions are over and now it’s time for the judges to hone their teams. Will Ariana Grande prove herself as the newest team leader? Will Blake win again? That picture will become clearer tonight.


  • Indie flick Women Is Losers is the debut film from Lissette Feliciano and while the early reviews have been mixed, the movie (on HBO Max) was a hit at SxSW and Lorenza Izzo’s lead performance as a woman trying to navigate her way out of poverty pops off the screen in the trailer alone.
  • If you loved Doc Martin, but hate humor and wish he dealt in more disturbing cases, you probably loved the first season of Manhunt starring Martin Clunes as a former detective drawn into the pursuit of a serial killer. Its second season drops on Acorn tonight.
  • Are you seeking to feel better about your clutter but don’t want to clean, you can rejoice in that Hoarders is back on A&E (we’re somewhere in the middle of the 12th season), and realize you’re comparatively not that bad… or it could backfire when their houses look positively fine to you.
  • Howie Mandel’s long comic career has gone from blowing up surgical gloves as the goofy Dr. Fiscus on St. Elsewhere to toying with the emotions of game show contestants hoping to guess their way to a small fortune by eliminating random steel briefcases on Deal or No Deal. Through it all, he’s been fairly open about his germophobia, and in his return to stand-up, it’s the central topic–or, well, at least gives it its title of Howie Mandel & Friends: Don’t Sneeze on Me. It’s on The CW, and as you can also deduce from the title, he’s brought friends along.
  • We’re delighted by the title of the newest junior cooking show spinoff Kids Baking Championship: Oh My Gourd! and that’s all we’re saying about that.
  • Let’s close on one of those shows where we’re not sure if it’s helping or if it’s part of the problem. Ideally Intervention (which returns tonight on A&E), helps more people confront their addiction. Apparently we’re at 23 seasons, so only one away from being two times as many seasons as steps in the most famous program.

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