What To Watch: 10/17/2021

Just two weeks after the most recent Billions season ended–with Damian Lewis leaving supposedly forever–we can still quench our thirst for rich jerks fighting over money and power as its soulmate on its rival cable station returns for a third season today. AMC has to keep at least two shows from the Deadaverse (Walkingverse) going at all times so here comes the original spin-off for it’s 7th season.

Succession [HBO, 9p]
It’s been two years since we’ve heard from the Roy family and I still have whiplash from the bomb Kendall dropped in the season 2 finale that meant war on his family. Man, I cannot keep up with how fast the loyalties shift on this show! The dysfunction, the cover ups, the entitlement keep me hooked. Dying to see how Logan weasels his way out of this one (if he can) and hoping Greg somehow comes out on top because sheesh, poor kid did not know what he was walking into when he took this job. Will Shiv give up her political aspirations for good? Was Kendall really acting on his own behalf or was this another concocted strategy I just can’t see yet? I’m ready for the rollercoaster that is Waystar  Royco to return tonight on HBO. 

Fear the Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
The original spin-off is back for a new season… and where do you go from the end of last season? A nuclear bomb was detonated and the only thing worse than a zombie apocalypse is a zombie apocalypse in a Mad Max-like nuclear wasteland. What was it that Lord Humungus said in the Road Warrior? “Walk away.. just walk away”

The Great North [Fox, 8p]
The Tobins tell Delmer their favorite stories about him after a soup-eating incident results in a concussion. We love learning backstory!


  • More spinoff action as Baptiste–whose titular lead character was originally featured in The Missing–returns on PBS for a second series. Baptiste is now in Hungary on holiday, but Poirot-knows there’s no vacations for fictional detectives so of course someone is brutally murdered in a way only he can help solve.
  • The raucous morning hosts turned raucous late night hosts Desus and Mero come back for the back half of their third season of interviewing one of the widest swaths of guests of any such show on television.
  • Naturalist Forrest Galante is associated, according to his bio, with vipers, sharks, and alligators, so would seem to be the ultimate Florida Man. However, he works his animal magic on the other side of the country in the adoptive home of John Muir. Mysterious Creatures with Forrest Galante debuts on Animal Planet tonight.
  • Get your Luis Guzman on as he’ll be a recurrent character on the second season of Hightown, Starz’ entry into the gritty crime in a community genre.
  • It’s busy in the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex) as we’ve got new movies from both the majors and another film that fits the category from Up TV. In Up’s Calling For Love, our male lead Jake is trying to find an old love with the help of a female talk show host of some sort who he’s certainly not going to fall in love with instead, right? Over on Hallmark Movie Network, it looks like we have one in a series with Signed, Sealed, and Delivered: The Vows We Have Made. It’s a murder mystery and the sneak peek in the hyperlink made us hungry. Then there’s Lifetime’s Fighting For Her Family which is either debuting tonight or did tomorrow night (its site says “Sunday, October 16”). As this is a less stalky title, we’ll mention its real plot–after many miscarriages, Davina find out she is pregnant; however, when she collapses, she finds out she has a blood disorder. She is determined to keep the baby, not knowing if she will make it through the birth.

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