What To Watch: 10/13/2021

In a John Oliver sketch about the opioid epidemic and the scourge that the Sackler pharmaceutical empire, Michael Keaton was one of four people who read the transcripts of Richard Sackler as he testified in a closed deposition. In Hulu’s huge miniseries, he plays the heroic doctor who takes on Sackler when he realizes the deadly effect Oxycontin is having on his patients (sadly, one of the other four actors died of a drug overdose since). We kind of wish that Richard Kind were playing Sackler, but Coen Brothers regular Michael Stuhlberg should give the real-world villain a perfect spin. We also have the return of two major DC properties and the debut of a teen-themed comic take on a horror anthology classic.

Dopesick [Hulu]
This new series takes us into the epicenter of the opioid crisis in the United States and examines how one company was able to push through highly addictive drugs at the expense of a Virginian mining community (and later, at the expense of the entire country). Big Pharma is here for profit and will continuously lie to maintain their bottom line. 

Batwoman [The CW, 9p]
Season 3 is back tonight and will find Alice and Batwoman team up to fight some Gotham baddies, but the partnership will be tenuous at best. We will see the introduction of some well known bar characters including Killer Croc and Renee Montoya. Welcome to the circus guys!

Just Beyond [Disney+]
While I’m just a few years too old to have been a Goosebumps child, 40-something me is here for an R.L. Stine-inspired comedic YA take on The Twilight Zone from the director of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. And it’s got an impressive list of offbeat comedic guest stars ranging from Nasim Pedrad to Tim Heidecker.

The Conners [ABC, 9p]
Dan and Louise are set to walk down the aisle, but the weather has other plans for the betrothed, with a tornado headed straight for Lanford.


  • The titular characters of The CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow saved the day at the end of the sixth season, but now it’s the start of season seven and the gang is trapped in 1925 Odessa, Texas. Recent political news makes us wonder if it’s that much different from 2021 Texas, but that’s besides the point–will they be there all season and if not, where will their next time-travelling/villain-battling experience take them.
  • YouTube’s gig economy comedy Liza on Demand returns with the fictionalized version of stand-up/YT personality Liza Koshy and her two roommates and besties trying to figure out what they will do as their 30s rapidly approach.
  • While Jessica Biel has made fun of her career arc while she was playing Mr. Peanut Butter’s ex-wife on Bojack Horseman, she is doing quite well as The Sinner, which she produces (and acted in the first season) for USA, goes into its fourth season of Bill Pullman solving unusual crimes.
  • While we wish the Netflix Polish import Operation Hyacinth were a gritty reboot of the British classic Keeping Up Appearances, it’s actually a thriller about a detective hunting a 1980s serial killer targeting gay men. It looks quite gripping, though.
  • Also from the Netflix foreign import file–which, remember, has given us the number one TV phenomenon right now in Squid Game–we’ve got the Chilean film Fever Dream. Adapted by Claudia Llosa from her novel of the same name, it begins with amnesiac Amanda trying to figure out who she is with the help of a young boy.
  • The new Netflix series Reflection of You comes from the same land as Squid Game and hits some of the same dystopian notes as a woman returns to her friend’s life as a shell of what she once was.
  • E!’s Clash of the Cover Bands is exactly what its name would suggest, as in its inaugural episode, two Atlanta cover bands–one playing Poison tunes, the other hits by Blink-182–show off their wares for the chance to win cash money.
  • BET returns its two group-of-female-friends shows. Sistas (a Tyler Perry creation) returns for the second half of its third season, while Lena Waithe’s Twenties comes back for the beginning of its second go-around. The latter one even has an afterparty TV series.
  • In the end, it’s still a mystery as peak true crime continues with new episodes of the ID show Still a Mystery as well as the return of A&E’s Killer Cases.

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