What To Watch: 10/12/2021

It’s a great day if you want to celebrate cinema and or the 1980s and 1990s. We’ve got the nicest guy in Hollywood tour guiding a new museum with Laura Dern (who we’re sure is also nice enough), a documentary celebration of some classic movies, a reboot of an enduring classic about that “friend to the end,” and the latest installment of Ryan Murphy’s Lewinsky-approved mini-series.

A Night in the Academy Museum [ABC, 9p]
Laura Dern and Tom Hanks “spend the night” in the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures with a few of their friends, to include Cher, Melissa McCarthy, Aldis Hodge, Emily V. Gordon, and Kumail Nanjiani.

The Movies That Made Us [Netflix]
This cinematic docu-series returns with new episodes today, including ones about two of my favorite movies–Aliens and RoboCop! It also includes horror favorites like Halloween and A Nightmare On Elm Street. These minidocs are as fun as they are informative. Perfect for film buffs and nostalgia hounds alike! I’ll buy that for a dollar! Oh, also, I hope they interview that guy who is apparently still alive.

Chucky [Syfy/USA]
Now, I’m not expecting this to be good, but Child’s Play WAS one of my favorite movies from childhood (ok, I was 14) and the Chucky films are always at least entertaining with a good balance of humor and gore, so maybe this new series version will be too. Also, I’m all for anything that gives the underappreciated Brad Dourif (voice of Chucky) steady work. Still like the murderous doll better than the racist/sexist football coach nicknamed the same–who got his comeuppance today. 

American Crime Story: Impeachment [FX, 10p]
Tonight this drama comes to a head as Monica begins to understand Linda’s betrayal. Monica spends hours trapped in the Ritz Carlton, scared out of her mind, unsure what she should do, and rightfully furious with Linda Tripp. This is a huge episode, almost thirty minutes longer than any of the previous installments and worth every second. You’re not going to want to miss this one. 


  • If you need a real world antidote to playing too many Squid Games, watch the Netflix documentary Convergence: Courage in a Crisis, celebrating the medical heroes in nine different countries who were on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19.
  • Netflix celebrates/examines a heroine/villain from 16th Century South America with Making Malinche: A Documentary by Nacho Cano about a controversial Aztec interpreter.
  • Bulking up its anime collection with another movie about the distant past, Netflix also releases Bright: Samurai Sword today.
  • Sundance Now continues to mine Oceania for content, now adding Mark Joffe’s three part documentary about the death of Lindy Chamberlain who was immortalized by her mother’s anguished cry “dingo’s ate my baby.” Trial in the Outback debuts today on the streaming site.
  • BET returns with new seasons of two very different shows–the sitcom House of Payne and the political drama The Oval.
  • Sorry to end on a dark note, but all we have left is the Discovery+ true crime series The Cleveland Kidnappings. On the bright side, you may get to look at both of their buildings (sorry, Brad!).

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