What To Watch: 10/10/2021

Old favorites returnng and old favorites that never really went away is the theme of this Sunday. And how is Gabriel still alive?!?!

Buried [Showtime, 9p]
In 1989 Eileen Franklin-Lipsker claimed to have witnessed the murder of her friend Susan Nason, at the hands of her father, George Franklin. Franklin-Lipsker’s repressed memory and testimony sent Franklin to prison (he was later exonerated; it’s not a spoiler of all four episodes are released at the same time, right?) and opened the flood gates for repressed memories and their efficacy, and I assume, an entire genre of Lifetime movies. 

Legends of the Hidden Temple [The CW, 8p]
This beloved 90’s game show is back. Now with adult competitors, they are turning up the dial on nostalgia. The challenges are bigger and more extreme than ever as teams compete to enter the temple for a shot at glory (and money). 

The Equalizer [CBS, 8p]
This loose remake of a 1980s classic is much better than it has any right to be and Queen Latifah’s powerful, but nuanced performance in the title role has quite a bit to do with it. It’s also quite well-written as procedurals go. Its second season begins today.

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
It’s the midseason finale. Our crew is split up. What I can say is that I don’t trust Leah. And I hope Eugene and Stephanie can get together. Love of this show has faltered for many over the past few years. But people… trust me it’s gotten better. Once more into the breach.


  • It’s old school Nickelodeon games night (and some of us could use a sweet game night to take Squid Game out of our mind) and in addition to the returning classic Fiona rec’d above, The CW is debuting Killer Camp which may sound Squid-adjacent, but it’s a fun murder-mystery with no real stakes.
  • In addition to the relatively new reboot on CBS, the all-knowing eye is bringing back a slightly longer running show in SEAL Team and one of the longer-running shows on television in NCIS: Los Angeles.

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