What To Watch: 10/07/2021

If you watch NFL games, or anything at all on CBS really, you can’t have missed the ads for tonight’s new haunted house comedy–a high-concept sitcom that has an equal likelihood of being delightful (its writers are from New Girl) as of being a trainwreck (it’s a high-concept sitcom). Either way, we’re leading with it, and are also excited about a new baking show and a documentary about internet shaming from a woman currently in the news who knows a little bit about the topic.

Ghosts [CBS, 9p]
Oh, it’s the same old story. Young couple moves into a new home they inherit. A bunch of wise talking ghosts haunt said house. Ghosts get really angry when they find the couple plans to turn the house into a hotel. Oh.. and the wife hits her head and can now see the ghosts. Let the shenanigans begin!

Baker’s Dozen [Hulu]
Hulu gets on the Bake Off game with this news series, which brings 13 professional and amateur pastry chefs (one started in the pandemic, which may be the norm in our future) together to find the best. (There’s a cash prize and a trophy.) Hosts Tamara Mowry-Housley, an avid home baker, and Bill Yosses, former White House pastry chef, will be joined by a guest judge in each episode.

15 Minutes of Shame [HBO Max]
While I tend to groan when a comedian or podcaster (or anyone) throws out the phrase “cancel culture,” I have to admit that there is a dirty underside to the passion with which some of us will pile on to an attack for a “righteous” cause. While it’s hard to argue with taking down the Cosbys and Weinsteins of the world, and marginalized groups have a right to question the racially-charged humor of, say, Tina Fey, what about when it’s someone not famous? For example, many gleefully pulled the knives out for random PR lady Justine Sacco when she wrote a questionable tweet while in flight to Africa, but did she deserve to have her life turned upside down for years for an ill-advised joke. Are these hunts for comeuppance healthy? This documentary is co-produced by a woman who knows all about this phenomenon: a woman who has had an impressive second act that includes attacking these sorts of public shamings, Monica Lewinsky.

Grey’s Anatomy [ABC, 9p]
Meredith has received the job offer of a lifetime – her own lab and a chance to cure Parkinsons. All she needs is a neurosurgeon. Will Amelia be able to talk her into coming back home? Or will she jump ship and ride off into the Minnesota sunset with Meredith? Meanwhile, Richard Webber is getting his residents back on track with a rigorous training program. 


  • Gritty high school drama meets detective show meets slasher film in Peacock’s latest original serial One of Us Is Lying. It’s based on a best-selling novel by Karen McManus and the adaption has more than a little fo a Heathers vibe and we are here for that.
  • That Netflix show which infuses furry magic{?} into the blind dating format returns for a second season. We’re not quite sure what to make of Sexy Beasts–its make-up artistry is interesting, we guess–but it’s hard not to get a queasy feeling of existential sadness while watching the trailer.
  • More comforting is the dark, disturbing thriller One Lane Bridge about a mysterious death near a haunted New Zealand bridge that is the center of mysticism according to the local Maori tribe. It was picked up by Sundance Now who are airing it today.
  • New Americana” expert Halsey has received raves for her latest record which lends its title to the latest chapter in this new genre of elaborate film/ads for new albums. If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power drops today on HBO Max. And we suppose it’s not completely a new genre as Thriller happened almost 40 years ago, but it sure is happening a lot lately.
  • In addition to its new offering rec’d above, CBS returns its Thursday night line-up with new seasons of Young Sheldon, The United States of Al, and Bull debuting.
  • Escape rooms are still very popular these days… maybe? So who wouldn’t want to watch people they don’t know try to solve clues to remove themselves from a weirdly appointed room? Well, we’re not rushing to our remote, but maybe you are? If so, Create the Escape is new on Peacock and we do peacock Peacock!

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