What To Watch: 10/06/2021

That a show whose lead is a middle-aged man with a passion for bugs would be among the top rated shows for over a decade may say something about our nation. In any case, that show’s (sorta) reboot is the big story of a day featuring of-noodle-level oodles of new content.

CSI: Vegas [CBS, 10p]
Your favorite crime lab in Vegas is back in action. There’s a new team in the lab, but they need help from some old friends. Grissom and Sara. Who knows who else will make an appearance in this reboot? 

Bad Sport [Netflix]
This series blends sport history with true crime, because that’s possibly the only way to get someone like me interested in football and basketball. …And Italian football, college sports, cricket… the series’ six episodes examine the 2002 Salt Lake CIty Olympic figure skating scandal, Randy Lanier’s marijuana smuggling, Arizona State University’s point-shaving sceme, a horse hitman, and more. This series comes to us from the same producers as Don’t Fuck with Cats and Three Identical Strangers, so there’s a good chance your friends and family will be talking about this, too.

There’s Someone Inside Your House [Netflix]
In the latest Halloween offering from Netflix, a killer has their eyes set on students of a high school with secrets that can get them canceled. You think getting kicked off Twitter is bad? Try getting murdered. A tone deaf take down of cancel culture or a witty backlash against the Twitter Mob? You be the judge.


  • The latest in a certain found footage horror series set betwixt the times of Beta and Laserdisc, V/H/S/94 is not the 94th installment, but the fourth time the squiggly-lined terror universe has peeked its head out of its hole. The vague plot has to do with a SWAT team up against a cult with spooky tapes on some format, but the trailer does not specify which. It drops on Shudder today.
  • A different sort of horror is highlighted in Tubi’s true crime anthology series Meet, Mary, Murder. Most shockingly, it is hosted and produced by Michelle Trachtenberg.
  • Then there’s the less visibly, yet no less real, horror of the stonk craze of last year as chronicled by, unsurprisingly, Vice in their new doc The Big Squeeze: Gamestop, Reddit, and an Economic Disaster.
  • Netflix’s hit sight unseen dating show faces its biggest challenge in the land of hunks and beauts with the spin-off Love is Blind: Brazil. Brush up on your Portuguese… or don’t. It might not be THAT different an experiece.
  • Speaking of butts, the connection between the title characters in another Netflix release, the Latin soap opera The Five Juanas is that all five have shown up in Cancun in a hotel and all have the same birthmark guess where. That said, word is it’s a fun, but ridiculous action series (see Heist, Money) with 18 episodes to binge in a single drop. Get popcorn poppin’.
  • If you are a fan of The Great British Baking Show, you know the leg up engineers tend to have on the rest of the field. Baking Impossible, the second food-related show in two days to wordplay off the classic ’60s TV series and modern-day movie franchise, also seems to have recognized this truth as it pairs a baker and an engineer to construct fantastical cakes and other sweet treats. It’s also on Netflix.

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