What To Watch: 09/30/2021

We have just so many happy returns today, including those of THE legend of comedic news and the longest running medical show in TV history having a fun little sleepover with its spinoff. Also returning: a manic muppet, a demented animated sketch show, and an animated adult called Tim re-imagined as a boy called Tom. If that isn’t enough, Plinko gets its first copy of AARP’s magazine and CBS is there to celebrate.

The Problem with Jon Stewart [Apple TV]
When Stewbeef left his long running seat at The Daily Show, John Oliver jokingly boasted about how now that he was on HBO, he could give important topics the deep dive they deserved. Six years later, Stewart is taking that advice with a streaming show where he explores one big issue per episode. One thing he brings over from his greatest gig: taking his show name from the spirit of a running gag of misnamed and vaguely insulting segments. 

Luna Park [Netflix]
This is not, to my enormous disappointment, not a series about Coney Island’s famous Luna Park, which opened in 1903 and burned in 1944, but one of the three in Italy, where a young woman realizes a desire to join the real world after falling love with normal teens after a lifetime in the circus. 

Grey’s Anatomy/Station 19 [CBS, 9p/8p]
Shondaland is back with a giant crossover event for the season 18 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy and season 5 premiere of Station 19. We left off on some major cliffhangers last season, including some major marital strife, but the most compelling reason to tune in is for the hinted at return of a much beloved character. Addison Montgomery is confirmed to be returning to Grey’s Anatomy and while we don’t know when she’ll make her big return, you’ll just have to keep watching until she appears. 

Cake [FXX, 10p]
Seasons of this twisted animated running sketch program move pretty fast. Blink and you could miss them. So if you are a fan be sure to tune into FX tonight for the debut of season 4. It’s sure to be full of gen z angst and surreal animation. It may not quite reach the heights of Liquid Television, but it fills that cultural space nicely.


  • Back in the late ’00s, Steve Dildarian created for HBO a quirkily animated cult series about a neurotic adult named Tim. He’s back in 2021 on HBO Max with a quirkily amimated cult series about a neurotic 10-year-old boy named… Tom. Ten-Year-Old Tom debuts today on the streaming service.
  • Also returning on HBO Max, it’s the only talk show hosted by an infantile red muppet. Guests on the second season of The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo include Ted Lasso, the Jonas Brothers, and Batman. Cookie Monster is the abiding sidekick so it’s got that going for it.
  • The latest from the Proximity-To-Mortality-Breeds-Comedy genre comes from New Zealand and lands on Sundance Now. Good Grief follows the tale of the Goode Sisters who inherit a funeral home and experience growth and obviously many morbid misadventures to come. It can’t be worse than the Howie Mandel series from 1990 with the same name and similar premise.
  • CBS, come on down, you’re hosting the next anniversary special for The Price is Right Celebrates 50 Years. There will surely be lots of homemade t-shirts, crazy moments and bloopers, great guesses, birthday celebrations, yodeling hikers, household products, and, of course, Plinko galore. No sign in the trailer as to whether energetic pre-fame contestant Aaron Paul or 97-year-old Bob Barker will make an appearance. Either way, remember to spay or neuter your pets!
  • Back to the busy bee of the night, HBO Max, it’s The Way Down and we’re definitely there for a documentary that takes down a Christian weight-loss scam that preached “slenderness is next to Godliness.” Seriously, f them.
  • From the Netflix import pile, the Turkish love triangle program Love 101 returns to campus for a second season.
  • Demi Lovato’s back and they’re now a paranormal investigator apparently… and why shouldn’t they be? Watch out supernatural beings because Demi’s onto you and your blurry images are going to be on Peacock, son, once Unidentified with Demi Lovato finds you.
  • David E. Kelley’s new thriller Big Sky has not received too much attention, especially considering its cool cast that includes the reunion of Buffalo Bill and his Silence of the Lambs victim–you know, the one who puts the lotion in the bucket or else it gets the hose. Beyond having Ted Levine and Brooke Adams in recurring roles, the show has built a cult following, if not a torrent of rave reviews. Season 2 starts tonight on ABC.
  • Finally, BET+ tells the ripped-from-the-headlines tale of a female boss from Detroit with American Gangster Presents: Big Fifty: The Delrhonda Hood Story. Remy Ma plays the criminal syndicate leader with Hood herself showing up to comment on her crazy life.

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