What To Watch: 09/29/2021

It’s not a day for beaten paths, but more a day for what lies beyond. We’ve got a lot of new Netflix and some HBO streaming.

No One Gets Out Alive [Netflix]
Immigration has been a hot button political for as long as I can remember. Of course the last administration made it all so much worse, so it’s not a shock to see that reflected in horror films. This new Netflix horror flick tells the story of a Mexican immigrant who leaves her home to make a better life for her family and ends ip in a nightmarish birding house in Cleveland. Cleveland… {shuddddr}

Entre Hombres [HBO]
This HBO mini-series, produced in Argentina and based on Germán Maggiori’s novel, examines “the golden age of gangs” in 1996’s Buenos Aires underground. Lawlessness, blood, and revenge follow a party (and murder!) gone wrong.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies [MTV, 8p]
Last week Fessy was deactivated and sent home from the game for putting his hands on Josh. This landed Esther in the elimination with Emy who volunteered to go in so that she could steal “Uncle CT” away from Berna. Berna is not happy and ready to start making big moves against the veteran alliance. So far the vets have been succeeding at picking the Rookies off one by one, is it too late for the rookies to strike back? I wouldn’t count them out just yet. 


  • The horror series to Morrissey that is MeatEater returns for a 9th season with host Steven Rinella eating what he kills in hunter-friendly states like Wyoming.
  • Netflix also boasts a pair of new foreign imports in the Spanish rom-com flick Sounds Like Love and the Danish thriller The Chestnut Man, based on the country’s popular literary series.
  • TNT premieres the new reality series Rhodes to the Top about a group of Rhodes Scholars who compete to see who can use their intellect and skills to improve the world the most. Nah, we’re joshing, that’d never get greenlit. It’s about the life of wrestler Cody Rhodes.

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