What To Watch: 09/24/2021

Streaming Friday is getting out of hand as we’ve got a comedy by one of Screen Scholars’ favorite comic femme fatales, a long-awaited adaptation of a classic sci-fi series, Paul Hollywood doling out disapproving head shakes (and the occasional handshake) for a 12th series of a beloved baking program, a well-reviewed new Netflix thriller, and so, so, so much new content. Read more about it below, and when you speak of us, speak well…

The Starling [Netflix]
Melissa McCarthy stars as a grieving woman who seeks the advice of a former psychologist (and current vet), played by Kevin Kline, as she struggles to survive the drudgery of day-to-day life. The film, which has already made me cry, promises appearances from Timothy Olyphant, Daveed Diigs, Loretta Devine, and Jimmy O. Yang.

Foundation [Apple TV]
This adaptation of the popular Isaac Asimov book series has been in development for a while now. Well, the wait is over and technology has now made it possible to do a proper version of the sci-fi masterpiece. As streaming services vie supremacy this series about space politics starring Jared Harris and Lee Pace is a powerful piece of Apple TV+’s arsenal.

The Great British Baking Show [Netflix]
Paul, Prue, Neil, and Matt return to the tent for the 12th series of the ultimate baking competition. This year’s competitors range in age from 19-year-old student Freya to 70-year-old retired nurse Maggie. 


  • The trailer for the new Netflix thriller Midnight Mass uses Keane’s comforting ballad “Somewhere Only We Know” and with stutters and stops, twists it into something sinister. This is as good as anywhere a starting point for this series which takes place in a bucolic King-esque town which invites a new priest into its realm, and you know what they say “mo priests, mo problems”–weird stuff starts happening.
  • Netflix is not immune from fun, if exploitative prison docs–they just might have more production value then your average Investigative Discovery offering. That said, Jailbirds New Orleans debuts on the premier streaming service today. Do with that information what you will.
  • As is often the case for Netflix on Streaming Friday, the service is hosting a bevy of new imports. Leading the pack are the return of the Indian college drama Kota Factory for a second season and the Italian crime docu-series Vendetta: Truth, Lies and the Mafia featuring a lead investigator with a surprising level of spring in his step–and who, less amusingly, could be corrupt, and Julien LeClerq’s TV series based on his own 2015 French thriller flick Ganglands (Braqueurs).
  • For fans of the Equestranauts episode of Bob’s Burgers, and for children and bronies alike, we’ve got My Little Pony: A New Generation coming out on Netflix. This one speaks for itself.
  • It’s amazing both that more people don’t talk about the Billy Bob Thornton Amazon Prime drama Goliath and that the series is somehow still on the air. Put it in the Burn Notice column, I suppose. The fourth and final season of the gritty show about a troubled lawyer trying to reassemble his life debuts today and as usual features great guest stars like Jena Malone.
  • Tonight, on Showtime’s very stage you’re about to see… a documentary about the creation of The Weeknd’s Super Bowl Halftime show. Sadly, neither Doug E. Fresh nor Slick Rick are involved in the creation of The Show. Excuse us while we finish this round-up…
  • Lifetime is a busy little bee today with new flicks with classic titles on both the main channel and Lifetime Movie Network. On the former, it’s Dying to Marry Him and on the LMN, it’s The Secret Lives of College Freshmen. Juicy!

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