What To Watch: 09/18/2021

The bat signal crosses the sky as podcasts are now coming to screens–and not just as the plot device for one of the year’s best shows). And one of our editors gets drawn into the Hallmark side of the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex), but it’s OK… it’s a Saturday!

Batman: The Audio Adventures [HBO Max]
This title might be familiar to some of you as a podcast, but now it’s on HBO Max! What happens when The Dark Knight wants to become a Gotham Police Officer? With a voice cast that includes Jeffery Wright, Rosario Dawson Jason Sudeikis, Seth Meyers, Bobby Moynihan, Kenan Thompson, Heidi Gardner and Fred Armisen it doesn’t matter because it’s worth checking out!

Raise a Glass to Love [Hallmark, 9p]
Hallmark dips its toes into… other countries when a Master Sommelier falls in love with an Argentinian winemaker working at her family’s vineyard. (What’s even at stake, then? Does she need to build a Christmas village to save the town, or…?)   


  • We’re down with any awards show that’s recognizing RuPaul’s accomplishments, and so it goes for the 2021 Creative Arts Emmys airing tonight on CBS.
  • Discovery+ debuts a pair of new shows and they have names that will fit right into the flow of the Discoveryiverse. For the Zillow fanatics, there’s Reno My Rental (“reno” is short for renovate, so bad luck for those who want to spot locations from Reno 911) and for the hidden treasure hunters in us all there’s Extreme Salvage Squad, but be careful, it’s extreme!
  • We’re not done with the LHV as Lifetime is offering a double-feature tonight, starting with Imperfect High, where a group of high school students discover their flaws make them unique (that or it gets them stalked) and Trouble in Suburbia, where someone is definitely getting stalked.

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