What To Watch: 09/17/2021

It’s an insanely packed Streaming Friday including a new animated series, a new movie by America’s most famous nonagenarian chair talker, an adaptation of a popular flick about a drag queen on the rise, new seasons of Apple TV’s tentpole and a well-reviewed Netflix show that’s both awkward and bawdy, and three new documentaries about racism in Great Britain from the busiest Steve McQueen since that other Steve McQueen. So, let’s roll!

Chicago Party Aunt [Netflix]
This washed-up party girl is “all heart and no filter” — and voiced by my beloved Lauren Ash! — and takes in her nephew when he drops out of Stanford. One assumes he’ll learn all kinds of valuable life lessons, but I love–no matter how sad it is–that his aunt is his best friend.

Sex Education [Netflix]
The students of Moordale are back! This time with a new headteacher hellbent on turning around the school’s reputation. Somehow I doubt that school uniforms are the secret to curbing the sexual desires of teenagers, but I guess the board had to do something to respond to their school play involving a penis forest. Otis and Maeve once again have their wires crossed, Adam and Eric are figuring out what it means to be together in public, and Ola and Lily continue to be their adorable weird selves.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie [Amazon Prime]
British teen Jamie is an aspirant drag queen long before it starts to get better in this new movie starring Sharon Horgan, Richard E. Grant and newcomer Max Harwood in the titular role. It looks like it hits a lot of the standard beats, but that’s not necessarily a bad things and reviews are somewhat decent and the main character seems appealing in the trailer. It’s based on a popular London stage play and its director Jonathan Butterell is on board for this screen adaptation.

Cry Macho [HBO Max]
Clint Eastwood shows no sign of slowing down even as he hits his 90s. His latest is quiet little road trip movie about a retired rodeo cowboy who escorts a boy from Mexico to his father in America. Also there are animals in it. Safe to say they learn a lot important lessons on their journey.


  • Apple TV’s inaugural show featuring an insane number of Oscar and Emmy favorites and A-Listers The Morning Show returns for a second season. The tension between the sisters played by Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon continues to grow, Steve Carell’s ex-host strives to comes back, and as it’s a show about a newsroom, MeToo and representation loom large.
  • The latest episode of FX’s anthology teamed with the Grey Lady delves into young people and, more specifically, a famously growing predeliction in The New York Times Presents: Move Fast & Vape Things.
  • Our one featured piece of traditional TV is ABC’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month–Corazon de America: Celebrating Hispanic Culture.
  • Radio/podcast personality and humorist Charlemagne Tha God has never been known to soften edges (his personal mantra is apparently “bite my tongue for no one”), and his interview with our current President in 2020 stirred a whole bunch of pots. His latest forum for provocative punditry is on Comedy Central: Tha God’s Honest Truth with Lenard “Charlemagne” McKelvey.
  • The History Channel continues to drift away from its name and initial mission with the paranormal reality show The Proof Is Out There returning for a second season. The host sports a bow tie, so it must be substantive.
  • We’ll end this marathon round-up with the latest Lifetime movie and it’s a doozy. My Husband’s Secret Brother is about a woman named Jackie meeting the brother-in-law and he’s a total delight, they go on weekly excursions for ice cream, and nothing bad ever happens. Of course, we’re joking, the man is a psychopath and Jackie and her daughter are in deep trouble.

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