What To Watch: 09/14/2021

This Tuesday’s viewing is all about ripping from the headlines–whether they are from the ’80s, ’90s or today or if they are documentaries, re-enactments, or fictional representations of events that are happening every day across America.

30 For 30: Once Upon a Time in Queens [ESPN, 8p]
Tonight’s two-part episode chronicles the 1986 World Series champions, the Mets, which were “a colorful team marked by dominance and demons.”

Level Playing Field [HBO, 8p]
This new series chronicling the intersection of race and sports starts off with the topic of Midnight Basketball. It’s a great choice for an intro as it highlights just how deeply seeded racism is in this country that a seemingly innocuous plan to engage children who might otherwise be out in the streets in a sporting activity would be protested by a certain political party as “welfare.”

Impeachment: American Crime Story [FX, 10p]
Tonight we are rewinding the clock a bit as we go back to the early days of Monica and Linda’s friendship. Monica thinks that she has found someone she can lean on in the lonely city of DC. Unfortunately, we all know what’s to come. 


  • The most controversial program of the night comes from BET in the form of Karen whose title sounds like it tells you everything, but not even close. Some have accused it of trivializing a dangerous daily occurrence for African Americans, while others have argued it plays into the stereotype of white women all as Karens. Ultimately, it simply looks like a Lifetime movie where the ex-husband or jealous-rival stalker is replaced by the more banal (but possibly even more) evil of a person’s microagressions–one man or woman wielding the power of a brutal police force rather than a knife.

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