What To Watch: 09/13/2021

We kick off the week with a whole host of new options to stream or watch on television. There’s two high profile series debuts (three if you could an animated talk show host), one of which wipes nearly half of humanity off the planet. There’s also the profile of a groundbreaking woman whose story is all the more relevant as the Supreme Court goes off in a certain direction.

Y: The Last Man [Hulu]
You’ve surely seen the ads everywhere and they look compelling if a bit over-the-top. On paper, this high concept “what if” thriller should be a no-brainer. Based on a popular series of graphic novels, this series tells the tale of an event that wipes out all men–with one exception, hence the title. All episodes have been written and directed by women. Diane Lane stars. However, the project has been delayed multiple times as the producers cycled through show runners and cast. That said, the early reviews are not too bad. That said, it’s the kind of high-budget show that often can be canceled quick if it founders, and given the high-stakes plot and likely cliffhangers, I’d be careful about the investment. It will also air on Hulu.

American Experience [PBS, 9p]
This episode of the PBS documentary, Sandra Day O’Connor: The First, examines Sandra Day O’Connor, the first female Supreme Court justice.

Ultra City Smiths [AMC, 11p]
Puppets and noir mystery. This has been done before, but maybe not with this level of Ernest. The last honest politician in Ultra City goes missing and it’s up to Davis Mills (Jimi Simpson) to solve it the case. Probably doesn’t help that it is his first day on the job.


  • This new Ellen DeGeneres animated series, Little Ellen, is directed towards babies but no word yet whether it will have some sort of value, ironic or otherwise, to an older crowd. It does have a cute cat in steampunk sunglasses, but we don’t know how the animated star of this HBO Max series treats her animated crew.
  • In the world of real life talk show hosts who we suspect treat their behind-the-scenes workers a bit better, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah returns from Summer vacay to poke fun at a political landscape that sadly offers nothing funny or bizarre for them to mock.
  • Acorn’s latest Brit import Finding Alice finds dark humor in the debacle a grieving widow finds herself locked into after the sudden death of her husband.
  • Another British show finding humor from a dark central situation comes back for a second season on Showtime. Back To Life‘s plot follows Miri who has to readjust to a strange world after 18 years in prison.
  • Food Network is coming on with a whole lotta baking going on {JASON!}. Yes, we’re sorry for that, but in any case, we do have the return of both The Big Bake and Halloween Baking Championship (Halloween just comes earlier and earlier every year).

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