Comedy TV “March” Madness: The Championship

After 6 months, 126 match-ups, a few major upsets, we’ve come to the finale of this tournament. It won’t go on forever like one of our finalists, but it also hopefully won’t be a major letdown like the ending of our other championship show. In truth, while there were twists and turns throughout the bracket, we suspect that this was the Finals match-up that most of you predicted when you dutifully filled out your office pools. First, here’s how the match-ups went:

The Simpsons vs. Arrested Development

As certain as you don’t win friends with salad, you don’t get to 32 seasons on TV without being somewhat (very) popular. Springfield’s most famous family never blew away the competition–and its battle with the kings of the live cutaway gag Arrested Development was no different–but it steadily won its timeslot week after week in our tournament and earns the right to take on that other seminal show which debuted in 1989…

Seinfeld vs. 30 Rock

There’s no such thing as a lesser babka as Seinfeld ends the cinderella story of 30 Rock–the show that matched Arrested Development cutaway-for-cutaway–and looks to the cookie (without breaking any 30+ year streak) and its entry into the finals.

Here we are! As it was foretold, so it should be. VOTE below and/or head over to Greatest Bracket of All Time to register your feelings about Seinfeld, The Simpsons, or something else entirely. Thanks to everyone who has voted and now: one last ride!

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