What To Watch: 09/10/2021

A musical about temporary refugees of the 9/11 attacks, a documentary looking into the rise of the cult that was the LuLaRoe MLM scheme, and a thriller about a vindictive criminal with a day to live lead the motley crue of September 10th television.

Come From Away [Amazon Prime]
I’m usually not a fan of this sort of upbeat ripped-from-the-headlines musicals, and as someone who lived on the river right across from the WTC in September 2001, I’m a bit exhausted from 9/11 remembrances at this point. However, for this charming stage production featuring the sweet story of Americans who were in the air at the moment of the attacks and who wound up diverted to a small Canadian town for a few days while all travel was suspended, I’ll make an exception.

LuLaRich [Amazon Prime]
People are still buying and selling LuLaRoe, even though the ugly print leggings appear to have dicks on them! Amazon’s new series expands everything VICE already told us, from the peer-pressue tummy tucks, to damaged merchandise, and weird girl boss mantras. Pass the popcorn, I love hate-watching a pyramid scheme.

Kate [HBO Max]
Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays an assassin with 24 hours to live. What will she do with that time? Seek revenge on those who poisoned her of course. Watch this slick flick for the action and stay for the beautiful Japanese setting and pop music.

Surrealestate [Syfy, 10p]
Susan goes after another elite listing, can she keep the haunting at bay before it ruins a dream wedding? 


  • The oilyily charming Satan played by a man who once woo’d Miranda Hart (Tom Ellis) returns for a sixth and final season of the platform-hopping Lucifer dropped all at once on Netflix. The third episode is all animated, so that should be fun.
  • More direct comedy comes from the standup anthology series from one-half of the Broad City duo. Ilana Glazer Presents Comedy on Earth features a collection of up-and-coming comics performing their tight fives, tens, and more on stage.
  • IMDb TV debuts the promising Canadian mismatched buddy comedy Pretty Hard Cases features a pair of 40-something women arresting perps on the mean streets of Toronto (wonder if they filmed it in NYC).
  • Malignant is a solid adjective for all of James Wan’s film. The latest film from the “mind” behind the Saw franchise tells the story of a woman named Madison who has visions of grisly murders that just keep coming true. It was supposed to be in theaters, but in this brave new world, it’s now on HBO Max.
  • On a lighter, but still subtly terrifying tip, we’ve got the latest iteration of the tiny blue creatures who date all the way back to a 1958 comic book from Belgium. The Smurfs debut on Nickelodeon tonight.
  • The father of the female lead from Fiona’s pick (Surrealestate‘s Sarah Levy), comedy legend Eugene Levy is inexplicably in the film celebrating Kasey Musgraves’ new album, Star-Crossed on Paramount+. Wonder if he’ll taunt the country singer with baseless myths about her credit rating before barging into her house and threatening to make her French toast.

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