What To Watch: 09/07/2021

While we’re not sure it’s the precisely right mood time to rehash the misbehavior of a President who was only impeached once, we cannot deny we are excited to see the latest from Ryan Murphy’s ripped-from-the-headlines crime drama–it’s 2-for-2 so far in delivering the goods if you love well-written narratives. You’re also in luck if you are a fan of either the James Bond or the “Sunset” movie franchises. See below.

American Crime Story: Impeachment [FX, 10p]
I’m not sure that I’m recommending this, so much as I know I am dipping my toe in the pool with trepidation, having been a tween and teen during the real events Ryan Murphy has mystifyingly chosen for the third season. The Lewinski Affair (that’s what we call it now) wasn’t fun to live through as a young lady accused of fatness (looking back, I was pretty cute, I was just tall with a rack!) and I’m hoping that Murphy, who isn’t known for his empathy for women gives Monica the respect and consideration she deserves.

On The Verge [Netflix]
The title signifies a bunch of aspects that the four main characters are about to reach–including a whole new Pandemic-changed world as part of the premise is this takes place just before COVID-19 hits–but mainly Julie Delpy’s new series is about four women who are looking to continue reinventing themselves as they approach 50. That latter part I can definitely relate to and the cast looks wonderful.

Being James Bond [Apple TV]
This free documentary may only be 45 mins, but it gives a nice overview of Daniel Craig’s time as 007. We get some never before seen behind the scenes footage of the past few films and a preview of No Time To Die! Bond fans this is worth the time!

American Crime Story: Impeachment [FX, 10p]
This series is going to be as heart wrenching as it is stunning. I am once again biased, having worked on the project, but I am so amazed by the effort that went into its creation. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the subject matter and the casting, but I encourage you to put that to the side and embrace this period drama in all its magnificence (as long as you’re able to stomach the idea that the ’90s now counts as period).


  • TV shows grow up so fast, and so it is for Ava Duvernay’s sprawling drama Queen Sugar which turns six tonight on OWN. As the season opens, many of the characters have to face hard truths while struggling to maintain their integrity, including Ralph as he tries to afford to support his growing family and Nova as she battles the police and their abusive and corrupt ways.
  • You’re never too young to save the universe. Just ask the “Local Heroes” the group of plucky space pre-teens at the center of Netflix’s Kid Cosmic back for season 2.
  • It feels like we just used this space to make mention of one of MTV’s crown jewels, but if Teen Mom was even gone, it has returned for the back half of season 9.

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