Finally, There Are Four!

We started with 128–which seems like way too many, but I’m still regretful about some huge snubs–and it’s gone on so long, a whole new top comedy that wasn’t even thought of as a possibility when making up the bracket has emerged. However, after 6 months, too many pauses, and some great battles, we’re down to four classic comedies. Two began in 1989, the other two in the ’00s. We have a workplace, two families, and one group of friends. All four of these programs inspired countless copycats and further innovators and the current TV landscape would be very different if any of these titles had not existed. Do I need to write any more? Not that that’s ever stopped me, but for now, let’s just get to that ballot.

As usual, you can also vote and add a comment, gif, or meme about your feelings over at the Greatest Bracket of All Time on FB. Thanks for your vote and cannot wait to see how this works out!

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