What To Watch: 09/06/2021

Like the sands of the hourglass, so goes the days of our lives. And, even as soap operas have long gone out of vogue, the tales of the residents of Salem which began back in 1965 carry on and tonight they hit streaming. We also have hook-ups, Seth Green entertainingly playing with his toys to relive his childhood again, and a rare Netflix almost live event.

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem [Peacock]
Peacock’s limited series “brings past and present” residents of Salem together for what I hope is outlandish camp and drama. Drag Race alum Jackie Cox, known for her Lisa Rinna impersonation and Lisa Rinna will both appear (hopefully together!) so my hopes are high.

Robot Chicken [Adult Swim, 12a]
We’ve missed you Robot Chicken. The world needs your stop-action animated takedown of culture linchpins more than ever. Why, you may ask? I don’t know. They are just really funny and it’s been a while since we had a new season. I hope they do a take on the Spider-Man No Way Home trailer. Hello Peter, indeed.

Bachelor in Paradise [ABC, 8p]
Last week we had a number of surprise breakups as couples that seemed solid as first completely dissolved. Demi was sad to find out that Kenny is not as into her as she thought. We’ve now got three women vying for his attention and I don’t understand it! Joe and Serena’s connection continues to grow each day, but will Kendall’s surprise appearance break them apart? Kendall says she still has feelings for Joe, but does he feel the same? 


  • We know that it’s just the way rockets have to be shaped in order to most efficiently be propelled through space, but still… Netflix joins the space travel news coverage universe as the Inspiration4 sends private citizens into orbit for the first time–presumably it’s the four pictured above–in Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space, a five=part docuseries. Beware, because of COURSE Elon Musk is involved and prolonged exposure to his dickishness can be bad for one’s health.
  • Speaking of polarizing internationally known figures, the prince-in-exile and his charismatic wife get more press (and Lifetime out of our closing spot) with Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace.
  • A motorcycle goes missing–leading to an investigation that focuses on its sidecar spouse–only to reappear suddenly revealing that it all may have been a ruse to punish the mentally abusive sidecar. At least that’s what were going with for Discovery+’s Street Outlaws: Gone Girl.
  • The All Black show with one of our favorite name, Social Society, returns with its mix of commentary, comedy, and observations.

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